Been wondering a while about the usefulness of the profession First Aid for a while. I use it a bit while leveling a toon for a quick heal, but actually with all the food available it's not often neccessary anymore, and then when you reach lvl 90 it sort of becomes redundent.

The cloth you can sell or vendor of course, but I was wondering why not create some new items to make the profession more usable, same as cooking, archeology and fishing which all offer uses for dungeons, raids, from food buffs, drinks, items and gear for transmog even.

My suggestion would be to create some new items, maybe something like "Pandarian Battle Band Aid" or "Pandarian Battle Mana Aid", etc, etc .... combine 10 Heavy windwool bandages with 1 Mythical Healing Potion (or relevant mana potion) to create a Pandarian Battle Band Aid/Mana Aid. Using the Band Aid is instant and restores x% of health. Something like a healthstone. All the different types of resources could be integrated, Rage, Runic Power, Mana, etc.

Combining current content items with last tier items will continue to help make old content relevant as well in a small way.

Just a thought,