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    Destro Idle Fire

    What the heck happened to the fire constantly displaying on your char when you have 2 or more embers? It's not showing up for me since the patch, and I don't know why.

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    I don't really care as long as the burning sound isn't there. Glorious silence! I'm actually playing with my sound turned on again now. Kept having to turn it off because it was driving me insane.
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    @Nerraw : You know you can replace specific sound with "silent" sound files by simply adding files witht he right names into the World of Warcraft\Data\Sound\* directories ? Btw you're not modifying any of blizzard data files, so this is completely safe as far as Terms of Service is concerned. See here : http://www.wowinterface.com/download...alversion.html

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    I know, I just really don't want to remove sound files just to be able to play the game in an enjoyable way.
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