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    Good DK Frost PvP Guide with FAQ?

    As the title sais, does anyone know a good guide or thread with FAQ (useful moments to use spell X and Y etc.) mainly for 2v2 arena?
    Have been looking on Arenajunkies but can't really find anything.

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    I am not allowed to post links, so just Google Noxxic Frost DK PvP Guide.

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    Havnt looked at it myself, but this is what the above poster meant.

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    I'm often using Noxxic, but it doesn't contain advices for using of spells, opening-rotation, FAQ etc. - Which I'm looking for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megasju View Post
    I'm often using Noxxic, but it doesn't contain advices for using of spells, opening-rotation, FAQ etc. - Which I'm looking for.
    I used Noxxic.

    There is no rotation, that's why. There is no opening spell. You learn based on each class and the specific area of PvP you're doing such as a battleground or arena, and it depends on your comp. If I'm running with our arms warrior, we coordinate our stuns so we can lock down specific classes. If the enemy comp has a paladin, for instance, we focus on someone else (healer if pally is ret, dps if pally is healer) to force them to use their bubble, then turn on the paladin, leaving our stuns free for him (due to massive instant healing abilities). You learn to save interrupts for certain spells and to know when to trinket and when not to. Against plate I use HB and FS more than OB (ignores armor), but I switch to OB against casters under 30% or so. Necrotic Strike is useful against all classes (healers/spell casters more so) and death runes should be reserved for re-applying it as it's used or falls off. Never underestimate using it, and never ignore it to try to get the killing blow on a class that can heal or self-heal...I've seen too many people survive when a NS would have ended it for them.

    You should also be using blood tap, and I'd macro it to your necrotic strike, personally, though you should have it around as a keybind of its own to use when needed. I do:
    #showtooltip Necrotic Strike
    /cast !Blood Tap
    /cast Necrotic Strike
    Pressing it will cast blood tap if enough charges are up, if not, it'll cast Necrotic Strike. If there are, it'll do BT and then NS.

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    Any clue why this macro isn't working for me?

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    They don't even mention Glyph of Shifting Precenses. It's just so vital for everyone that wants to survive bursts, and still being able to deal a good amount of damage.
    There's too many people just accepting everything that stands on the internet as "the best way of playing". It'sgood to know which stats you should focus on, but when it comes to glyphs and talents, and equipment you have to make your own experiences and see what you prefer.

    Don't just do something because it stand on the internet.

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