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    Endless Space, fairly recent 4X game, on sale now on Steam 15 bucks


    Its not quite a MOO2 successor, but its done well. A 4X turn based strategy game with a unique take on tactical (think rock/paper/scissors) where you choose cards to play and between the cards and fleet composition you aim to win tactical.
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    Cards? I've played the hell out of that game, i don't remember anything about cards lol.

    Great game though. However, it's one of those 'steamroller games'...the longer you play, the better chance you have of winning. Once it hits late game, you have many planets, large fleet, lots of research, well equipped ships, nothing can stand in your way.

    Also, the games are long as hell. Really great if you like to have something ongoing, that you don't beat in one sitting, and can come back to later. If you're the ADD type, this game is DEFINITELY not for you! Lol.

    Great graphics, great gameplay, and some semblance of a story behind it. The political system was really well done, too. I periodically come back to this game from time to time, I'd definitely rank it up there as an 'eternal classic', like the original X-COM. (just my opinion, of course.)

    Edit: Ah, now I know what you're referring to as cards. Never really thought of them that way lol.
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    I just set the battles to be fought automatically since the computer does a better job of it than I can manage with those cards. The game is similar to Alpha Centauri and Civilization gameplay which is fun, but was probably done better in those games. I like the races, there is a nice variety there. The tech trees are also nice.

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