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    State of the Game Discussion - PvP w/Jonathan Sharp

    Jonathan Sharp takes on the questions of some of the game's most competitive players.

    Valar morghulis

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    ...and after this I respect Xeph even more

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    Yeah, I really liked Xeph, both on his beta streams, his commentary, and hearing him here is good feels. Except when he calls Jonathon Sharp as Jon Peters. That was pretty lolzy. Metor made me want to bash my skull into the edge of my desk Every. Single. Time. that he cued his mic. Seriously.

    Also: "So we're pulling developers off of Custom Arenas, and thinking we might be able to possibly starting a Matchmaking system. You know, the one that we should've been working on in, y'know, beta? But it's only gonna work paid-tournaments at first. Whenever we get it goign. Then eventually we'll put it into un-paid tournament. But of course, we only have proposals right now, haven't actually started on anything."

    ETA? Not any fucking time soon. Even if they launch it, expect it to be exploitable to all hell because of their rock-solid QA team. Still chuckled at the couple mentions of Spectator Mode. ANet, so when are you bringing the game out of beta again?
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