Hey community,

Been a happy customer with netdirekt in germany for over 8 years, where I have a dedicated machine that I can configure for my needs (including the linux distribution I want). Netdirekt was sold to a bigger player a while ago and then the problems started. Since the start of this year the hardware failed twice, they replaced my server twice after much trouble, resulting in complete reinstalls and reconfiguration. It now turns out that my current machine is in a server room that will be abandoned in a good month from now, meaning I have to start from scratch again. I don't even wanna go into the administrative crap I had to deal with (broken hardware on their end, billing me for a second plan, then cancelling the wrong plan, etc ...). No longer willing to deal with this bs as it requires more effort/energy than the reason why I decided to opt for a dedicated machine in the first place.

So now on the lookout for a company that has dedicated hosting plans. Haven't followed the industry in the past years, so asking the techies here for tips. Never been a fan of the big massive players, I rather pay a bit more to be with a smaller company who provides excellent support. Ideally in europe, but if it is in the US that 'd be ok as well.


Anyone wants to share his/her good experience with a solid hosting company that offers dedicated machines?