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    Grand empress - any tips?

    Tomorrow my guild is gonna have our first night at Grand Empress 10 man. Do any fellow brewmasters have any tips for her? Would be really appreciated

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    When not tanking, if an explosion from the sonic dissonance fields is about to go out use avert harm/zen meditation combo to reduce the damage the raid takes.

    When phase 2 draws near, pool resources, make sure Guard is off cooldown and you have Power Guard ready. Go pick up your adds, use fortifying brew. When FB runs out, leg sweep. By this point there should be 1-2 windblades either dead or fixated on a random player, so the damage you take will be perfectly manageable.

    Alternatively, if you just can't survive, then use dizzying haze kiting.

    After each phase 2, whenever you're not tanking, run through the raid to give them the poison buff to increase the damage they do. Doesn't deal any damage to them so no need to hold back, just get everyone buffed.

    That's BrM specific stuff anyways.

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    Thanks for the tips I hope they'll help us getting her down

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