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    Destro Stats


    wanted to know wich stats are best for Destro?

    Int > Hit > Haste > Crit/Mastery or
    Int > Hit > Mastery > Crit > Haste ?

    Could please someone tell me because most sites say different things.


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    It apparently depends on what Grimoire you are using.

    Grimoire of Sacrifice: Mastery > Crit > Haste
    Grimoire of Supremacy: Haste > Crit > Mastery

    Although I have all 3 stats somewhat balanced and manage to do good DPS with both talents.

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    I have simmed Destro with all types of reforges and nothing was more than 3k from top to bottom on a 493Ilvl warlock with 2pc. I wouldn't go with a full Haste reforge. A true Aff reforge (Haste to 4717 than all the mastery you can find) wasn't even that far from the best, which for me was even stats across the board (same stat weights) Mastery does improve Chaos Bolt Damage better than crit ( someone made a spreadsheet about this).
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