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    Dual Sound

    I have an HDMI cable that runs from my Radeon 6770 to my TV and have a dual monitor,extended display, setup. Currently when I want to watch something on the TV I have to change the default device to the HDMI device. I'm wondering if there's a way to have it automatically play through the HDMI while it's on that screen and play through the speakers if not.

    I hope I explained that well enough, thanks.

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    nto really, a few people have looked into this, nobody has ever found an answer(or at least never posted an answer), its' pretty much a limitation of the OS

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    That's a bummer. Thanks for the response.

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    This is possible, with virtual audio cable software. I recently went to a wireless usb headset but wanted to still use my wired speakers (via the onboard soundcard) without having to flip it in the OS. I assume it would work with hdmi too, so long as the hdmi is listed in device manager

    I was able to download a working full version online, it wasnt the latest version and it wasnt easy to find. I wouldn't post it here even if I still had the source. its 35 bucks to buy. Knowing what do now, I would pay for this without hesitation.

    I also found a "script" that I added to my windows startup, which launched both instances of VAC for both my headset and speakers.

    there are drawbacks to VAC. for me at least, there is a very slight delay. initially it was VERY noticable. I have adjusted the settings, so now its only a split second off. its really only noticable watching steams of people talking. For games and vent/mumble, its fine. I can probably even remove it entirely if i looked into it more, but this works for me. Also, the audio can break up if your processor is pinned across all cores. this only happens to me when I am running simulationcraft, but its worth mentioning.

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    A solution would be to use 2 media players. Use any old player for watching at the desk. Then use xbmc to watch on the tv.
    Xbmc can be set to start on the 2nd screen and also use a secondary audio device by default.

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