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    Devilsaur is bugged??

    So I logged in last night to roll some random BGs and thought I would show my Devilsaur some love. When I summoned him he was all red and big. Further inspection of his buffs I noticed Rabid, Charge, Dash, and Terrifying Roar were all active.......with a 12 day expiration date on the ability. I reloaded my UI and nothing changed. Relogged.....and still the same. I'm not complaining by any means. Just checking to see if anyone else has ran into this.

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    This happens from time to time on certain pet classes. No idea what's causing it, but so far I had a Warlock demon who was stunned for 24 days, and a transformed Death Knight ghoul for 12 days.

    In both cases I logged a ticket and a GM had to remove the buffs for me.
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    It's happened to me before on my Core Hound, and getting your pet killed might work. That's what I had to do when my felpuppy was stunned for 24 days. Not sure about the hunter pets though; by the time I used my corehound again, his buffs were almost out, so it wasn't like I actually used it.

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    Had a corehound with Bestial Wrath, Rabid and Wild growth lasting 12 days. Wild Growth was healing the pet for like 4m per tick. lol

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    I had karoma with a 22 day bestial wrath and sprint and rabid, this was before 5.0

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