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    chiefs player kills wife and commits suicide at arrowhead

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    It just keeps getting worse and worse for the Chiefs.

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    I understand that this is a tragedy, however why is it that people are holding vigils for him when he murdered his girlfriend just before committing suicide? Shouldn't people be honoring the memory of the victim here, instead of the guy that brutally gunned down his girlfriend due to an argument.
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    By my understanding he killed himself in front of some of the coaches.

    I can't imagine that. I worked with a guy for years that ended up taking his own life. I was interviewed by the police as it was believed I was the last person to see / speak to him alive. (It was later found out that he had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.)

    I can't wrap my brain around being forced to watch it...
    I sat alone in the dark one night, tuning in by remote.
    I found a preacher who spoke of the light, but there was Brimstone in his throat.
    He'd show me the way, according to him, in return for my personal check.
    I flipped my channel back to CNN and lit another cigarette.

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