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    1. ToC: besides being a boring raid, this came in the middle of Blizzard's experimentation with new difficulties. As such, this tier you could do 10 man, 25 man, 10 man heroic, and 25 man heroic all in the same week because they were separate lockouts. There were many a week that I did all four of these raids, and given how boring the raid was, I became tired of it, even though it was only out for maybe like 4 months between Ulduar and ICC. I want to say ToC was the shortest "top tier time" of any raid.

    2. Throne of the Four Winds: two bosses, annoying mechanics, I'll be happy to never go back there again.

    3. Ruby Sanctum: some frustrating boss mechanics, unbelievably annoying trash, and shoved in so late in the expansion that I had very little interest in messing with it.

    (And not really bad, because it was a great instance, but ICC gets an honorable mention for 12 months of being the top tier raid (besides RS). I ended up taking a break after being 11/12H 25m because I just couldn't stand running it week after week to progress on LK.)

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    Hyjal for me hands down. So tedious before archy.

    TotC should never have been the only raid in it's tier, but a lot of the fights were actually pretty cool imo especially in HC.

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    1) ToC

    Just awful and bad.

    2) Dragon soul

    Regurgitated models and gimmicky bosses.

    3) ToES

    Boring and unimaginative like ToC and with boring bosses.

    MSV is really bad as well, but Elegon redeems it to some extent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kezotar View Post
    Every Raid that is avaible in LFR. It is no longer a raid.
    Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck. Such a hipster answer.

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    1. Dragon Soul
    2. ToC
    3. Malygos

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    1: ToC
    2: Sunwell
    3: Throne of 4 wind and Ruby Sanctum

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    Ruby Sanctum
    Dragon Soul

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    I can't really make a list. I guess DS was boring, because everyone had such high expectations of the final raid in Cataclysm. The next one on my list will be Sunwell Plateau, because there was not enough time for my guild to complete it properly (even with nerfs). The bosses in AQ40 were ok, except for Viscidus (lame gear req). However, the size of the dungeon was insane. Wiping on C''thun and not having amount sucked big time.

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    Dragon Soul, Firelands and... Trial of the Crusader.

    ToC is harder for me to list than for most, despite the fact that I see it as the time when raiding changed (for the worse for me) I do feel that the bosses were generally quite interesting; more-so than the dreadful Cataclysm raids.

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    DS and HoF are the only raids I can say I do not care for whatsoever. But in terms of raids I hated trying to pug when it was current would definitely be EoE since no one could ever do P3, ICC because PP and Sindy were apparently too hard for your average player and lastly RS... I don't think I ever did get a full pug group to kill Halion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phyx View Post
    ICC lasted a full year and it isn't mentioned here as much as DS.
    Most likely since while icc had two diffenerent "modes" for the instance people didn't get locked to one, and was able to get different loot. Also lfr experience with ds probably has something to do with it as well.
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    In no particular order:

    MC. It was very fun to raid it back in vanilla, but the boss mechanics there are just dumb. The place itself is also very boring.

    ToC. The boss fights were fun in my opinion, but I didn't like how small the instance was for a tier raid.

    Not sure what third one would be, as I didn't raid that much vanilla, BC and Cata.

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    1) Ruby Sanctum
    2) ToC
    3) TotFW

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    1. Throne of the four winds
    2. eye of eternity
    3. ruby sanctum
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    Hemet was behind Garrosh's escape and time travel just so he could hunt big game on old Draenor.

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    Ranking based on how good they were when they were released. Obviously something like Molten Core wouldn't be comparable to just about any post-vanilla raid by absolute merit, but it was their first raid instance and Ragnaros was a really cool boss back then.

    1. Trial of the Crusader

    It was graphically unimaginative. The boss balancing for heroic modes was bad, as you had 4 fairly easy bosses and 1 very hard boss. Instead of gradual progression, many guilds would kill 4/5 quickly and then get stuck for a long time. Then there was being able to clear both normal mode and heroic mode on the same week for trinkets and other things, which was extremely annoying. Having separate lockouts for normal and heroic mode is one of their worst ideas ever. It also came out too soon after Ulduar.

    2. Naxxramas 3.0

    It was recycled content, and while the original instance may have been cool, it was outdated when Wrath came out. Also no hard modes in the tier apart from Sarth-3d, and they tuned the normal mode to be far too easy. You still had to slog through it for the Kel'thuzad weapons every week though.

    3. Dragon Soul
    Mostly because of the last 2 fights, which were major disappointments. Deathwing was one of the fights I was really looking forward to. It still doesn't feel like we every got to actually fight him. We just fought some trash while he watched.

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    The first two are fairly obvious:
    1. Eye of eternity
    2. Ruby Sanctum

    The 3rd one is more personal and subject to personal experience and taste. For me it was:
    3. Throne of the four winds

    But others might just as well choose MC or ToC.

    Personally, I don't think DS belongs in the list. It was not a worthy final expansion raid, but it certainly wasn't the worst raid ever. It was just a mediocre raid that lasted 9 months.
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    Firelands, TotFW, ToC/EoE/RS. Honorable mention to MH.

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    1) Dragon Soul
    2) ToC
    3) Malygos just for P3

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    DS made me quit the game, worst raiding instance ever

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