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    im noticing not many MoP raids listed here, is MoP raiding better than cata/wotlk? aside from ulduar.
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    I don't understand all the people who bash on ToC, I thought that it was a fun instance overall. The fights were entertaining (except for Faction Champs, which was bullsh*t to the limit), the concept was smart (only the best of the best get to fight in ICC), and the whole feeling was awesome (both factions gathering together in a tournament, awesome). Disclaimer before my selection, I played BC but I didn't raid BC, started raiding in Wrath. Here are my worst raid choices:

    1. Firelands. Alright, this is, without a doubt, the worst instance I have ever had the displeasure of fighting in. First off, 7 bosses is stupid. There was no reason to have 7 bosses for a whole tier, way too short. However, I have to say that I'm glad THIS instance was only 7 bosses because they were all just that bad. If I had to fight more bosses with awful mechanics and bad gameplay, I would have quit the game. There was not a single thing about this place that was fun. As a tank, the only bearable fight was Shan because I gave me something entertaining to do. People say how awesome Ragnaros was all the time, and I think they're nuts. THe fight was horrible. Unless you had a near perfect class combination, the adds were a pain in the a*s. A fight that requires tanks to help with adds one phase and then adjust the whole raid group to not have the tanks on adds the second makes no sense. The rest of the fight was meh, not bad or good, but the adds were awful.

    2. Dragon Soul. This place was no where near as bad as Firelands, Firelands passes all imaginable concepts of bad in my opinion. The Blackhorn and Spine fights were some of the worst that I could even imagine existing. Not by bad mechanics so much as bad design (although mechanics didn't help Spine). The most broken fight with mechanics was Zon'ozz, that da*mn ball bouncing back and forth, where half the time you had no idea where it was going to bounce, and the other half it bugged out. The adds phase was actually not too bad, it was a lot of damage going out and hard on the healers, but it wasn't broken like the ball. The spikey damage as a tank was awful as well, with his uber magic damage attack that I can't remember the name of right now was ridiculous.

    3. Throne of the Four Wings. The third place here was a tough call. It was going to be in Cataclysm, that was for certain, but the first tier had more individual bad bosses than raid instances. In the end, I had to give it to TotFW as the worst overall of the three instances during that tier. Having to time the deaths of the bosses for the first fight was incredibly frustrating. Even going back to the fight at the end of the Xpac was frustrating, having make sure they died exactly the right way. Al'akir was stupid because of the tornadoes, the blizzard overlapping with the tornadoes, and the flight phase with lightning spawns for the final phase. Having the tornadoes come at you was terrible, having to dodge something like that while melee was ridiculous, and the blizzards slowing you down was made you want to bunch someone. The flying phase was bad because the lightning was impossible to tell where exactly it was in the air.

    Those are the worst raids of all time.


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    AQ 40 - Come on people, before you get all high and mighty with your nostalgia goggles and tell me I know nothing, I raided back in the day, having started in Feb. 2005. I remember the day the gates opened on my server. It crashed, twice. I remember logging on and getting stomped by an Anubisath dude. Anyway! Later on, getting into AQ40, it was a mess of fights that seemed relatively interesting at the time. Because we didn't know any better. Having to stack nature resist for Princess Huhu? Why was that fun? I played a hunter. Why was that fun? I also thought Frankriss, and his stupid hallway, were one of the most annoying concepts ever; even then. And then there was Viscidus. Which honestly was one of the more interesting encounters, but still. It was Viscidus.

    And now, going back, AQ is just too damn big, and really bland, and really irritating. Seriously! Who had fun running ALL the way to C'Thun? WHO? WHO??

    Dragon Soul - I don't think I hate this for the same reasons, but DS just didn't keep me interested; I wasn't as invested in Cata's story, and just didn't care about DS. Even the ending cinematic just had me going "meh". Maybe that wasn't the fault of DS, but more the fault of Cata's ending being lackluster. I don't know.

    Ruby Sanctum - Probably the worst raid I've ever been in. It was too rushed, too boring and, Halion had too damn much health for so little a reward. Honestly, why did that place give such terrible rewards? Where's the incentive?

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    As far as personal here are my 3.

    1. DS. Just boring.
    2. ToC Again so quick and got really boring to me.
    3. RS. Super filler and just bleh. We pulled every mini-boss at once and survived lol.

    As far as what has stopped my guild, and in no way did we "hate" it. Just certain boss fights.

    1. Bloodboil from Black Temple. God it took us a while to gear our healers well enough.
    2. Archi from MH- He was prob. the biggest bitch of them all. Took 4 months for us to kill him WELL after tons of strats have been out.
    3. ROS from BT- Damn rogues could NOT figure out how to interrupt properly. lol

    So basically only TBC bosses stopped us.
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    1. ToC
    2. RS
    3. Kara

    ToC was the only time I ever quit WoW because of the game. RS was just a boring filler raid that was a bit hard to do when not in an active raid group. Kara as well because I was stuck in there for such a long time at 70, and I was in a horrid guild. Doing Kara each week got to the point of me refusing to do it some weeks.

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    Vanilla raids - meh, but we didn't know any better.

    TBC raids - all awesomesauce, perhaps Hyjal was a bit of a letdown. Really loved distinguished 10 and 25 man raids, though it could have never survived for long.

    WotLK - well.. First tier was a huge disappointment, but the Ulduar more than made up for it, unfortunately, it created such hype that ToC could never live up to the expectation, however, it could have still been much better. Also the implementation of separate heroic and normal lockout at this time really hurt, it just made it apparent that blizzard wanted us to run the instance 4 times instead of creating a better one. ICC was "ok".

    Cata - First tier was awesome, hands down. Firelands was ok, but still it was somewhat.. small is not an approprite word for what I mean, but i cannot think of any better. DS was the worst raid ever, no explanation needed.

    First tier of MoP so far has been.. alright, not awesome, not bad.

    So to list - DS, ToC, Naxx(wotlk)

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    1. Ruby Sanctum
    2. DS
    3. Firelands

    I think ToC is extremely underrated. H Anub is one of my top fights in the game.

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    It's funny how many times Dragon Soul has been mentioned. Terrible, terrible raid. >.> Haha.
    But, let's see...
    1. Dragon Soul (obviously)
    2. Bastion of Twilight
    3. Throne of the Four Winds
    I'm a Cata raid hater. Raiding experience in general of Cataclysm was such a gigantic letdown after Burning Crusade and Wrath.

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    1) Dragon Soul
    2) RS
    3) Firelands

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    1) Ruby Sanctum (out of place, 3 bosses that gave no loot)
    3) ToC (entire tier was terrible D: )
    3) Dragon Soul (might have been okay without the constant nerfing)

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    ToC (seriously this was a raid? lol pvp boss)
    BT (just for the amount of running to the next boss.)
    MH (lol prot pally gg instance oh nvm same guy cratered again.)

    i loved BT overall because I got to lock tank but never has a raid had so many god i hope THAT GUY doesnt get ghost on gorefiend or focused on 2nd or moved on sharaz or something bosses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryme View Post
    Anyone who puts anything but ToC is simply wrong :P

    It was boring, pulled out of someone's arse, had maybe 1 or 2 good fights (out of 6!), no trash, 2 rooms, I mean come on now - even Dragon Soul was miles better.
    This. the only raid in the game I seriously dislike.

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    I feel like well over 90% of the people here have never raided Hyjal or they would definitely be putting that first.

    DS is a paradise of perfection and happiness compared to Hyjal. You wanna talk about rehashed models, HORRIBLY boring gameplay, HORRIBLY boring bosses, lame design...

    Hyjal takes the cake for being 100 times worse in all aspects compared to any other raid.

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    The one I don't get the dislike for is Naxx 2.0 - As someone who did Naxx in vanilla I actually liked the level 80 version. It was easier, but by that point we'd already gotten used to easier raids. A lot of people mark WLK as the start of the easier raids, but really it was Black Temple that started the trend towards more user friendly / less cruel raids. Raids prior to that point had a habit of punishing the people raiding it and being overtuned. Illidan was really the start of "Okay we've finally unlocked this boss and oh looks now he's dead already." I was so disappointed when we fought through annoying things like RoS/Council and then we facerolled Illidan 2-3 resets after we'd gotten to him, and one reset after the very cutting edge guilds got him down. That was a first for us, we were used to Rag/Nef/C'thun/4H/Vashj/Kael where we'd get to that encounter and then wipe on it for several weeks.

    Illidan and KJ were pushovers compared to some of the other fights in their own raids, so I didn't really expect much going in Naxx when WLK launched. We probably had an edge over most people (because supposedly very few people saw Naxx-40) and yeah we did faceroll it, but I don't think they neutered it too much. They made it fit their new vision of raiding, which obviously made it easier, but it also went from being the last tier to being the first tier of an expansion. The only fight that they really truthfully horribly neutered was 4 Horsemen. Possibly Saph and Kel'Thuzad, but admittedly we didn't get those down in Vanilla so I can't comment on their original state.

    I always thought Naxx was awesome, and I was glad that they turned it into something that more of the players could enjoy. I was pretty sad that they didn't re-use the graphic for misplaced servo arm though.

    I feel like well over 90% of the people here have never raided Hyjal or they would definitely be putting that first.
    Parts of it sucked. Some of the trash was very ... un-stimulating ... The lich boss could be somewhat annoying ... Actually he's still annoying because even at level 90, unless they changed it recently, his Death & Decay can very easily own a player. Archimonde fight the first time or two was EPIC though.
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    Dragon Soul

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    Quote Originally Posted by MerinPally View Post
    I don't know whether you'll see this or not, but I remember you! I'll be back on December 15th, the saturday. Maybe the sunday if I'm too hungover. Also guys, Anus here speaks some sense some of the time, as much as it pains me to admit.

    To be honest I struggle to say that I didn't like a raid as I loved tanking and raid leading and I did both. The ones that I had the least affinity for were Dragon Soul, Naxxramas and Ruby Sanctum. Even then, to say I disliked any of those would be a lie I wouldn't go that far. Those were the 3 raids where I just got frustrated and fed up with it because of guild tension caused by such a diversity in raider ability in whatever guild I was in at the time, or people quitting the game as heroic progress began getting underway in the case of DS, which then halted us.
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    But but, Grull was awesome! At least HKM... From a mage tanking Krosh, warlocks enslaving pets, fucking up pulls badly, the chaos and commotion.... Damn, that was a fun fight
    TBH has a lot more with being a first time guild leader / raid leader dealing with the logisitcal stress of going from 10 man Kara to 25 man Gruul
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    Quote Originally Posted by skitz0129 View Post
    I feel like well over 90% of the people here have never raided Hyjal or they would definitely be putting that first.

    DS is a paradise of perfection and happiness compared to Hyjal. You wanna talk about rehashed models, HORRIBLY boring gameplay, HORRIBLY boring bosses, lame design...

    Hyjal takes the cake for being 100 times worse in all aspects compared to any other raid.
    I agree that Hyjal was terrible but I'd still put 2-room-long-as-hell-announcements (ToC) and common-bugs-can-make-you-wipe (EoE and TotWF) as worse than a wave-based raid.

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    MC - terrible encounter design
    Nax25 - extremly undertuned
    Hyjal - waves of boredom
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    I actually liked ToC because of no adds.

    My types:
    Throne of the Four Winds. (I've neved done it, it was so bad for me...)

    Eye of Eternity. (Really Boring)

    Serpentshrine Cavern. (though my first experience with it was great, then it was getting more boring)

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    I really dont find an issue with FL, I loved it (Besides Rhyolith) so here are my three:

    1) TOC
    2) DS
    3) MH

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