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    worst in the sense of 'they really were badly designed' or worst in 'I hated them'
    so to say... my objective or subjective view?

    well objective:
    Eye of Eternity
    Throne of Four Winds
    Trial of Crusader

    but subjective:
    Ahn Qiraj 40
    Molten Core
    Mount Hyjal (I hate wave-dungeons)

    while I love those boss-only raids with no trash... its still poor design for a raid to ring a bell and a boss comes or walking from boss to boss... (though I like it that uncomplicated)

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    I've been playing very casually, but for a long time. A lot of raids I've only seen thanks to nerfs or them not being current content anymore, so nothing is based on difficulty.

    Not counting raids with 1-2 bosses because they were all quite boring (apart from gruul):
    Dragon Soul - Most fights were boring and the lore behind them too "meh". Pretty cool revamp of Dragonblight, though.
    Trial of the Crusader - (excluding twin val'kyr fight) everything was so goddamn boring, and staying in the very same room for all fights but one on top if it all.. hnnng.

    Don't really have a third, I've really enjoyed the rest.
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    Worst raids for me:

    1) Dragon soul - felt disjointed, the difficulties between bosses lacked a nice flow, and Deathwing fight was lacking, to say the least. Would have been much better if both parts of bringing down and killing Deathwing hadn't been add based fights. Tons of recycled art was terrible as well.

    2) Mount Hyjal - waves of trash (that once you had down you slept through), tank and spank bosses until Archimonde (but if you wiped you had to redo all the trash), and Archimonde being poorly designed and balanced (our first kill we had roughly half the raid heal and had no problems with dps - that's poor balance, and we went to that many healers to cover for DCs, lag, and player error as any deaths were bad). Lorewise it was a good instance, to actually clear - not so much.

    3) ToGC - yeah. One room, no trash - not exactly engaging. Cool concept with the gladiatorial fights, but execution could have been better. My bigger problem with Trial though, was the introduction of the toggle hardmode retread model of raiding. Beating a boss on normal wasn't an accomplishment because it felt too easy. Beating the boss on hard wasn't an accomplishment because you'd already beat him on normal. This was the start of my dissatisfaction with raiding in WoW and lead to my eventual departure. I had been enjoying the journey where the biggest reward for downing a boss was moving on to a new boss, now downing a boss meant I got to try him again with bigger numbers. This was really the beginning of the end for me, although it took me a long time to realize why I started caring less and less about raiding.

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    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    1 - ToC
    2 - Ruby Sanctum
    3 - Vault of Archavon

    I really don't see how those arn't the top 3 worst period - for everyone.[COLOR="red"]
    I can't argue against ToC as it made my top 3 list as well, but Ruby Sanctum had a decent boss at least. Split realm, raid movement mechanics (what can I say, I liked the laser beam), and the push mechanic requiring balanced dps in a more formal manner than SWP split realm fight. I can see how people might not like it from a raid lore perspective, an art perspective, etc, but as a stand alone dragon raid it wasn't too bad, especially comparing it to the other stand alone dragon fights that tier (Eye wasn't very fun or difficult, remade Onyxia (nostalgia value, but devalued old kills in a subtle way (sort of like Naxx for those that did Naxx 40), and Obsidium Sanctum (3 drakes on 10 was fun, on 25 was okay, but allowing the zerg kills ruined that fight - on 3 drakes boss shouldn't have dropped loot until all the drakes died)).

    And Vault . . . I kinda agree with you on this, kinda not. Yes, they were easy tank and spanks and had horrid loot tables. Yes, lore wise they were awful. But as a reward for defeating Wintergrasp they were kind of cool. Same with Baradin Hold. And they had the odd fun mechanic (storm boss adds exploding - not complicated, but fun). The PvP raids might not have been the greatest raids, but they weren't the worst, partially because they were so quick compared to other content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Molten Core
    Aq 20
    Aq 40
    they said worst, not best.

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    Obsidium Sanctum

    Icecrown Citadel

    Ruby Sanctum

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    Naxx 25

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    1 Dragon Soul

    2 Dragon Soul

    3 Dragon soul

    Haven't seen the new ones but I can't imagine them being worse than Dragon Soul...
    When in doubt, mumble...

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    well DS was terrible ...
    also naxx 80 was dumb since it was almost the same as the lv60 raid

    best were for me:
    naxx40 (the first raid kinda where one random player [that is, not a tank/healer and besides paladin DI and equal spells] could potentially wipe the raid ... really nice imo)
    (hard to put bwl/mc into perspective since back then there was nothing to compare them to)

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    3. Throne of Four Winds
    2. Ruby Sanctum
    1. Worst raid of all time: Molten Core. Nostalgia gives it a lot of fond memories, but when you look back at its overall design, the fight mechanics, etc. you get why it was referred to as Molten Bore.

    Dragon Soul gets more flak than it deserves, but I think ToC do too. They weren't horrible raids, they just tried different things.
    People complained about trash a lot and Blizzard tried a raid that was more a string of bosses with ToC. Then people complained it was in the same room. /shrug I don't see a reason to be long complicated hallways if the premise is reasonable. Granted, the zone of Azjol Nerub becoming a raid would have been interesting, but for what ToC was, I enjoyed it well enough.

    Dragon Soul had its problems and I think the last fight was fairly anti climatic but I see a lot of people give it flak for "reusing zones and models." Again, that's a pretty minimal portion of the raid content. They also introduced LFR with it and had to adjust for some previously unexplored possibilities.

    For what they were, I enjoyed both of them well enough.
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    1. AQ 40 trash
    2. SSC trash though Elevator Boss was awesome
    3. ToC

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    RS (I am not sure if it counts as a raid though as it is only a filler)

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    Naxx25 and ToC are no-brainers.

    The only real question is what is the other 3 of the worst raids. Tough call, but Hyjal maybe?

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    1. Vanilla raids
    2. DS
    3. ToC

    Vanilla raids compared to stuff today; there's just not a lot going on. DS was beyond disappointing in every respect, and we were in there for a whole year, and it was nerfed to oblivion. ToC was one room with a boring cave underneath, and it came out after Ulduar, one of the largest and most varied raids, and the tier system for ToC was terrible. ToC's bosses weren't that bad, just everything surrounding them was.
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    To be honest, I've kinda enjoyed them all.
    If I had to pick, I'd go with Dragon Soul, Gruul and Ruby Sanctum.

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    Original Naxx
    All of tier 11 was terrible

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