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    I don't understand the Throne of the Four Winds hate. That was a fun raid that didn't eat your life time wise. It had some unique mechanics and wasn't just a walk a in the park, but wasn't stupid hard either.

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    1. ToC
    2. EoE
    3. RS

    The bad Wrath raids were REALLY bad, though the good ones were some of the best, ever. || A Gaming Blog

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    1. Dragon Soul - Unimaginative boss fights, rehashed locations, and overall a big slap in the face for anyone who expected a good Deathwing fight. No competition, Dragon Soul is the worst raid ever made, nothing was fun about it, NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ENCOUNTER. it was the first time it actually hurt playing WoW, it wasn't just boring, it was a disgrace seeing Deathwing turned to fairy dust again and again and again.

    2. Trial of the Crusader - Had some boring encounters like the first bosses. The big problem for this one was that it was too short, and it all happened in the same room, except for Anub'arak, which was a cool encounter, but not worthy of being a last boss. The Twin Val'kyrs were really awesome, but other than that it was just really boring.

    3. Ruby Sanctum - After realizing it was just another one of these Wrath raids I didn't bother with it, I was so burned out on the game by the end of Wrath because I hated the expansion, and this didn't brighten me at all. Too much trash, useless mini bosses, and why would I care about taking down Halion? He didn't seem interesting or intriguing.

    Runner-ups would be Naxxramas v2.0 (for ruining a previously great raid), Gruul's Lair, Zul'Aman and Icecrown Citadel.

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    1. Dragon Soul Raidfinder
    2. Dragon Soul 10
    3. Dragon Soul 25

    It made me despise Thrall because the story was ridiculous .

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    1. DS
    2. TOC/ ToeS (nearly the same fucking thing)
    3. Ruby Sanc

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    1. Dragon Soul - Not only was it a terrible designed raid with horrible boss encounters, it completely F'd up Deathwings lore and had the worst ending cinematic you could ever imagine for an expansion. And to make everything worse, we had to sit through it for almost a year.

    2. ToC - Another lame designed raid, and a huge disappointment after the greatness that was Ulduar.

    3. Vault of Archavon - I never understood why they made something like this, the bosses were the easiest I've ever encountered in WoW so far, they might as well just have placed a chest full of free loot instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarjack View Post
    I don't understand the Throne of the Four Winds hate. That was a fun raid that didn't eat your life time wise. It had some unique mechanics and wasn't just a walk a in the park, but wasn't stupid hard either.
    Agreed. Heroic Conclave was one of the most fun fights in T11 (and I loved T11! Probably my favorite tier) and I disagree that Throne of the Four Winds fights relied a lot on luck involving encounters, more like luck revolving around how well your raiders played for that attempt.

    Of course, to each their own. My experience is not everyone's.

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    1) Trial of the Crusader
    2) Dragon Soul
    3) Eye of Eternity

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    1. Dragon soul, i hate the piece of crap so much.
    2. Naxxramas in the 3.0 patch
    3. RS, felt more like a rushed filler then an actual raid sadly, having 4 bosses but 3 of them being "mini" bosses not dropping loot or being special or anything

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    ToC, DS, RS, To4W.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raptor4life View Post
    1. Dragon Soul Raidfinder
    2. Dragon Soul 10
    3. Dragon Soul 25

    It made me despise Thrall because the story was ridiculous .
    I despised it as it was so easy, that the one time I went in to sub for a guild, that I was surprised there was no shock in damage from LFR to normal.

    First time in on the third boss, had to learn about the dispel mechanic (when we still had instant Cleanse -_-), and essentially was the last person alive over and over and over on it, as one healer being alive can't heal everyone for 5mins.

    Never went back. It was a cheesy raid in LFR, and worse in normal.

    FL pre-nerf was just perfect. Communication and coordination raid and having to work together as a team...not just some blind DPS race.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Wasn't a fan of Gruuls, BoT, or Naxxramas 2.0
    But but, Grull was awesome! At least HKM... From a mage tanking Krosh, warlocks enslaving pets, fucking up pulls badly, the chaos and commotion.... Damn, that was a fun fight

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    1. Dragon Soul
    2. Firelands up until Ragnaros
    3. Heart of Fear
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    A better expansion.
    I never raided in BC and I didn't play in Vanilla so this will be wotlk raids and up.

    1. Dragonsoul
    2. Throne of the Four Winds
    3. Malygos/Ruby Sanctum (Spend 30 mins doing trash for a 10min boss wtf -_-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerya View Post
    1) Dragon Soul
    2) Dragon Soul
    and hm...

    3) Dragon Soul
    Basically this. It was the raid I did the best in because I was (and still am) in the best guild i've ever been a part of but the raid itself was just... not right. The bad guys seemed random even though they fit the lore of the twilight cult: an elemental, two faceless, an orc, a dragon, a tauren w/ vrykul and goblins, and finally parts of a dragon. The setting was really cool because I loved dragonblight/wyrmrest but you only actually fought twice in the temple and both in the same place which was unrecognizable from the original temple. I'm glad my guild was so awesome because I have absolutely everything from there- acheivements, mounts, and gear and I have no reason to ever return.

    ICC minus lich king
    The overall experience for me was fun because I was close with my guildmembers but the raid itself was terribly boring to me. The entire place was gray-blue... ALL of it.. Every Last Inch of it! I hated plague quarter because getting my character infected with puss-y ooze disease of nauseous festering rot just isnt my cup of tea. I also hated wearing gear like "so-and-so's putrid slimy thing of zombie-ness." (i have similar problems with naxx10/25 but i liked that place for some reason). The whole building just seemed dull to me and seemed to have little purpose. Sure there was prof putricide's room which was supposed to be for making plague creatures but there was just one single lab desk and two valves on either wall- didn't seem capable of producing terrible abominations like the two bosses before him which just sat in empty rooms doing nothing. The first 4 bosses had decent purposes (standing guard in the foyer, preaching an evil sermon, not the gunship nevermind, and running out to meet you on a balcony) but the rest were just randomly standing around in massive empty purposeless rooms. At least all the bosses seemed like they belonged there, unlike DS.

    The only reason this place is 3rd instead of ToC is because the floor falling out of ToC was awesome. I killed so many people with waterwalking... oh man, lololol! The bosses were all fiery things which is good, and they were in an all fiery place which was good, but there were only 7 of them which was freakin terrible.. a related mid-50's dungeon, BRD, has more content than that. The boss mechanics were more of a strain than a challenge, i can't put it into words but i just didnt enjoy most of them. I can't judge rag because I never cleared him at all because DS came out as I was getting into the place. Got him to 15% on heroic and that was pretty crazy but that was right before MoP so not really the same.

    A lot of people hated level 80 naxx and i can understand some of the reasons, but I had a lot of fun there because I was just getting into raiding for the first time and it was a great social and learning raid. I dont think that hating 80 naxx because it was a return of 60 naxx is reasonable because less than 0.5% of players in the game even got to step through the door at all ever, and only a handful of those groups even cleared it. I played since mid-classic and was there for AQ40 and naxx40 opening- I was elemental though and nobody wanted one of those in raid so I never even got to try a raid. Didn't raid in BC because I was too busy so I just pvp'd but I did get to do karazhan twice- one clear up to prince and subbed in for just a prince kill once. I've gone back and cleared em all since then but after seeing all the raids I have to say: DS, ICC, and Firelands were the least enjoyable.

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    Throne of Four Winds
    Molten Core
    Trial of the Champion

    I really didn't think that DS was that bad. It's not the raid's fault that it lastet half a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    I raided in vanilla too and also has a blast in MC. That doesn't make me incapable of looking back and seeing how shitty it actually was. I've also never farmed the bindings or cared about the legendaries. Is it really so hard for people to accept someone one might not like something without dreaming up fantasies about why they must be biased? Are people really so insecure that they have to dream up scenarios to dismiss the opinion of another?

    Haha I'm kidding, of course they are. Just check any thread on these forums.
    Explain what was so shitty? I mean you're making it look so terrible. Also you're a bit weird. comparing something in 2004/5 with something in 2012. Techonology has changed bud', take into consideration when you try to compare. It's a bit of the point how you felt then and what kind of impact that made on you. Not how you feel of it in 2012, soon to be 2013 about something 8-9 years ago.

    The mechanics were just simple enough but incredible. What we're missing in mop is mechanics such as hard hitting bosses, not weak wimpy bosses with avoidable mechanics.. Tank and spank? Yes, some of that. But combine it. I feel bosses hit weak atm.

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    Everything compared to DS is brillant lorewise and gamewise.

    DW jump bug, bug from spine when engaging the back of lolwing (awfully designed), Zon'ozz sphere stucking in the terrain...the painfully boring thrases before Ultraxion....

    Do i miss something?

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    Dragon Soul

    Trial of the Crusader

    Naxxramas 2.0/Ruby Sanctum

    Ruby Sanctum is probably worse overall, but the heroic mode was at least somewhat challenging
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    1) Trial of the Crusader
    2) Dragon Soul
    3) Naxx 2.0

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