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    1. ToC
    2. DS
    3. EoE

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    1. Naxx 2.0 - Way too easy, especially considering there wasn't a hard mode version of anything. Killed everything on 25 in a few hours first week which really didn't do the place justice.

    2. ToC - A very lackluster grind.

    3. ZG - I liked the instance, but the loot setup was quite annoying. Having most bosses drop blues the majority of the time but having some great gear off Hakkar at the time made it feel very grindy, especially because you had to do so many bosses to get there. Having to go back for enchants wasn't great either.

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    Despite the fact how much I despise DS there is no room for it in the top 3 worst instances.

    1. Naxxramas 2.0
    The place I hate most is naxxramas. I understand that people love it, since only a handful of guilds cleared it back in vanilla, but I just hate that place. On difficulity spectrum it was god damn awful: either you steamrolled through it half naked with the green items from quests or you tried Immortal/Undying only to rip off your own heads when priests failed to MC the adds on Razovius/ fucked up the Heigan disco/died from Frost Blast/Void Fissure at the very finish. The design and the music were making me sick as well (altough as I mentioned it is only a persnal taste)

    2. ToC
    Nuff said, despite having no trash the bosses were way too easy aside from Anub, which was a nice fight but imo not that worthy for being an endboss. ( Oh and f*ck you Faction Champions for focusing me out ALL THE DAMN TIME. There was never a single attempt when I actually survived).

    3. Throne of the Four Winds - Al'akir Edition
    While I agree the fact the Council was awesome ( loved dodging Rohas' bullsh*t) Al'akir was horrible. And when I mean horrible I mean it like the most vile, malicious luck based garbage that the world has ever seen. Alas, it is the Heroic version, when P1 was based on PURELY (notk idding) luck, and if you could get through it, you pretty much got the fight and killed it. But the first 20% was the hell itself

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    4 Winds
    Eye of Eternity
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    Throne of Four Winds

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    1. Karazhan
    2. BT
    3. Naxx 40man

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    1. Dragon Soul.
    2. Every other Cata raid.
    2. Ruby Sanctum. It was a poor filler when ICC 25 Heroic was on farm for most guilds like mine. Halion wasn't too hard and the fight was very messy, not good in a Mimiron HM way, but messy in a "wtf" way.

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    My list deals with the overall feel of the places mentioned, not the boss fights and mechanics associated with them.

    #1) Trial of the Crusader- except Faction Champions (who despite RNG drama taught some people how to escape their rotations), this place was rather boring. They should have gone with the concept of the underground Nerubian zone for a raid (where Anub'arak would be the final boss) and make the TotC arena into something like a secondary VoA. Or a museum for raid design atrocities.
    #2) Ruby Sanctum - Although it looks nicely detailed, there were just too many trash for such a grand filler.
    #3) Dragon Soul - Dragonblight; it should look like it was in End Time. Dark and bloody ominous! Also, the idea of scratching a boss's toes was quite demeaning...
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    -Dragon Soul
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    1. ToC - it was just an arena with a few bosses thrown in. Very disappointing.
    2. Lv. 80 version of Naxxramas - dumbed down content, completely rehashed. Very disappointing.
    3. T4 raids, splitting the entire tier into 10 and 25 man raids was a horrible idea, a pit lord, a Gronn, some ogres and a tower with a terrible storyline. Try again please.

    Unless VoA/BH/Sha of Anger count as raids, in which case they're #1/2/3 respectively.

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    -Dragon Soul: Partially from the horrible way Deathwing was handled, partially from the odd way trash and encounter pacing were handled, partially because I just thought some of the mechanics were annoying.

    -Firelands: Too short, too annoying, and I hate the "LOOK! THERE IS FIRE!" theme.

    -Throne of the Four Winds: I don't mind a short raid when it's not the entirety of the tier, but Al'Akir was irritating and the Council was.... boring. I also didn't get why the rest of the council was so much stronger than the one we killed in Vortex Pinnacle.

    Honorable mentions: Molten Core and anything involving the word "Blackwing" or "Blackrock"

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    Didn't raid in Vanilla so I won't go there.
    1. Blackwing Descent, the bosses were okayish, but the overall package was depressing.
    2. Mogushan Vaults, I find the place boring, the only thing that is kinda interesting in there is the area where Elegon is.
    3. Heart of Fear, falls under the depressing category with BWD.

    And before someone quotes me and says "MoP has teh best raids ever!!1!", I have my opinions, and others have theirs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkwarrior42 View Post
    -Firelands: Too short, too annoying, and I hate the "LOOK! THERE IS FIRE!" theme.
    Loved the fire theme, especially the red filter. Made some very pretty screenshots. Fire animations are pretty darn good, too.
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    1 - Ruby Sanctum - I would not even count this as a raid, since it is a filler, but I'll go there anyway. Blizzard would have been better not doing it. What a piece of crap.

    2 - Dragon Soul - Disapointing ending for a disapointing expansion. The lore is actually cool, getting Thrall standing up in place for the Aspect of Earth to power the Dragon Soul, and having the Aspects lose their power was nice, but that was it. Bland bosses, bland mechanics, bland scenarios. Both Deathwing fights are boring. I don't think I will ever try Spine again. Thank god I have everything I need from that place.

    3 - Molten Core - Much because of its age. Also, cleaning infinite trash is fun!

    Also, I would recon making progression in Mount Hyjal was hell back in the day. I love the place, but having to clean all waves of trash EVERY SINGLE TRY was a really stupid idea.

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    Going to toss in a dishonorable mention also:

    Eye of Eternity. Considering all the buildup of Malygos in the quest lines, to have his raid appearance be a frankly embarrassing single-boss, no-trash encounter with terrible scenery and worse mechanics - just awful. I heard rumors that Oculus was originally going to be a raid and that the end boss was originally Malygos, but for unknown reasons it was changed to a 5m instance and the name of the end boss was changed. Whether or not that is true, I don't know, but if it was, at least it would have been a reasonable resolution to the Malygos storyline. As it was, it was ridiculous…

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    1) mogushan vaults/heart of fear/terrace of endless spring
    2) AQ20
    3) ToC
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    1. Dragon Soul - Very, very, boring

    2. Trial of the Crusader - seriously felt like a downgrade compared to Ulduar

    3. Naxxramas Redux - Sigh

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    The usual suspects.

    Trial of the Crusader

    Dragon Soul

    Ruby Sanctum

    These 3 know not the depths of my loathing.
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    Naxx (25/10)
    Rehashes that were extremely dumbed down are never fun. It ruined my memories of the 40 man version.

    AQ 40 (original patch) though I would also rate it in the top 5. It's a love hate thing.
    10 min run backs, Way too much trash, and extremely short respawn timers. Not to mention the need to farm world bosses contested by multiple guilds on long respawns in order to get resist gear.

    Moshugan Vaults
    These fights are tedious and boring I also see no reason why we are actually in the place. Seems thrown in for no reason.
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