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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Throne of the Four Winds.

    Trial of the Crusader.

    Eye of Eternity.
    This one nailed it. Dunno why people hate on DS so much, it was fun before it was made faceroll, and before it lasted nearly 1 year.
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    I don't count the raids that consist of 1 boss as a 'raid' (such as OS), so those I will leave out. They're too small to matter.

    The awful: Dragon Soul
    The boring: Trial of the Crusader
    The "Why did they bother adding these?": Blackwing Descent & Bastion of Twilight
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    Anyone who puts anything but ToC is simply wrong :P

    It was boring, pulled out of someone's arse, had maybe 1 or 2 good fights (out of 6!), no trash, 2 rooms, I mean come on now - even Dragon Soul was miles better.
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    Am I allowed to put Molten Core three times? No? Damn... well, not counting the single encounter raids here's my worst three:

    1) Molten Core.

    2) Mount Hyjal.

    3) Throne of the Four Winds, probably. Not a huge fan of Heart of Fear either.

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    oh this will be hard.
    1. toc-undoubtedbly the worst raid ever. heroic faction champs? yea fuck that fight forever.
    2. dragon soul-YEA lets fight the strongest most badass dragon ever....with killing adds, for TWO FIGHTS. oh look its general vezax, wait it isnt. oh, and its just a bunch of....recycled mechanics.
    3. this was actually hard to figure out. throne of the four winds was pretty bad, just because al'akir required more luck than skill at some points. ruby sanctum was pretty shit as well. between those two id have to say probably RS was the worse of the two, just for the sake of that it had no redeeming qualities, loot was irrelevant due to cata being months away, and it was just filler after year+ ICC. YEA ON HEROIC THE LASER TURNS FROM A FLATHEAD TO A PHILLIPS SCREWDRIVER THATS HARD RIGHT?

    honorable mentions
    -BWL. i only enjoyed vael, chromaggus and nef. the rest of the place was boring and a shitfest. supression room, someone needed to get fired for that shit. never could get a competent rogue to ever disarm the traps properly.
    -TK. alar was a gimmick. loot reaver. solarian the addon fight. kaelthas months of progression.
    -eye of eternity. it wasnt the dragon vehicle phase that i didnt enjoy, it was the first phase with spark stacking being reliant on the moronic dps dks in my group that could never get it right. being yelled at by raid leader, who was our MT, but made me tank it because he didnt want to tank it (i wonder fucking why), to reposition the boss because the dps fucked up and didnt get a spark right was just moronic.

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    1. Halion
    2. ToC
    3. Dragon soul

    number one is worst and third is the least worst

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    1) Dragon Soul
    2) Dragon Soul
    and hm...

    3) Dragon Soul

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    1 : Toc
    2 : Hyjal
    3 : Malygos

    And i actually loved Naxx25, one of my favorite raid. (Never did naxx40, started playing at the end of BC)

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    1. ToC
    2. Dragon Soul
    3. Ruby Sanctum
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    DS- obvious reasons.
    H To4W- fuck you RNG council and "wipe all night at 90% or get him to 3% and wipe in first pull" Al'Akir.
    H Spirit Kings. Not a raid technically, but fuck that fight if Subetai ain't second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faenskap View Post
    Eye of Eternity/RS
    This thread is about the WORST raids ever :P (looking at Kara and Ulduar)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aviney View Post
    So, even the "real" version of the raids don't count?
    >A legendary spread amongst few people makes it rare and unique. If everyone can attain it, it's no longer any special. Yes that means even the original raids. It's not that I want only a few people to try out the raids, but rather keep it something special. Something you're trying to get. A goal. If you run LFR all the time, then run the original with advanced gear compared to those who cleared it at release, in addition to running it after it has been nerfed a dozen times. That is not fair. Raids should stay as raids.

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    1. Eye of eternity - god damn vehicle fights while flying, made me nauseous every time :/
    2. Ruby sanctum - filler raid, forgettable, boring.
    3. All vanilla raids with ginormous areas taking forever to run back after death. It is not cool, not fun, not interesting and not challenging.

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    Come at me bro.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leaks View Post
    Aww I'm sorry my opinion offended your nostalgia. Maybe you should go back and check them out again and see just how bland and ugly they were.
    I raided in vanilla. Enjoyed it and it was a blast! You're probably rustled due to farmings bindings every week and it not dropping.

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    1) Ahn'Qiraj instances. There were very few bosses that had enjoyable mechanics to them. Fights like Viscidus, Buru, Moam, and others were very unique, but they were incredibly fucking frustrating at times. I also despised the bug theme, but that's just personal taste. Still had redeeming bosses like Twin Emperors, C'thun, Ossirian. Too many fights also hinged on dispelling, with poison cleansing totems being incredibly strong for horde groups. Stacking nature resist was a pain, but wasn't anything different as far as classic mechanics went.

    2) Trial of the Crusader. I don't think the content of ToC was actually all that bad, though the first two fights weren't very memorable. However, in lore it made very little sense and it didn't have a whole lot of length to it, outside of running it potentially four times in one week. If this was paired with another short raid it would have been an alright tier, I think. What most detracted to it was that it was in between two massive raid instances that clearly had quite a lot of work put into them: Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel. This left ToC feeling especially tiny and merely a bump in the road between two greats.

    3) Vault of Archavon and Baradin Hold. Fights that were somewhat clearly quickly hashed together at a very low difficulty essentially offering free loot to whoever wanted it, hardly worthy of the title of a raid instance. With how large these loot tables were, often it felt to me like it was a bit like a loot lottery. I did VoA weekly during Wrath missing very few weeks and I never once received an upgrade for PvE or PvP, though I did end up with almost every mage PvE piece available from VoA at the end of Wrath. Sha of Anger is a better alternative for these, in my opinion, especially since it's not instanced.

    Honorary mentions go to Naxx 2.0, Dragon Soul for being perhaps the most soulless instance ever, and every BC raid after Magtheridon for the fucking awful trash and sometimes trash respawns as well.

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    1. Ruby sanctum
    2. Dragon soul
    3. molten core.

    i never got to see the original naxx, so i didn't mind it too much. so for that it doesn't get a spot in top3. and ToC i see why people hate that, but at the time it was out i didn't have much time to play, so it was quite handy logging on and there was pretty much always a pug going for it and it was nice and quick. other wise that one would have come in top 3.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
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    Wyrmrest Temple raids, never really liked 1 boss raids.
    HOF just simply boring raid imo.
    SSC just didnt enjoy the place&bosses.

    I dont get why people hate TOC so much, good raid imo except maybe the faction champion fight :P

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