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    1. ToC -- Hands down, the worst ever, and acknowledged as so by devs/GC
    2. Dragon Soul -- Spine of Deathwing was a great step toward more dynamic raiding, only it was a terrible and boring.
    3. Gruul's Lair -- Awkward.

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    1: ToC
    2: DS
    3: EoE

    I hated ToCr with a passion, though I loved the Twin Val'kyr fight. Would've prefered to see that in ICC.
    I dislike DS because none of the encounters appealed to me. I hated the Madness fight, because it felt like such an anti-climax after Spine, and even Spine was only made superficially hard because of the window you had to kill Tendons on HC mode.
    I hate EoE because of Phase 3. So long, so boring. Especially with people who couldn't keep their stacks rolling (Horaaaay for having 20+ stacks by the end and the average of the rest being about 4-5). FL was a step up in terms of vehicle mechanics, at least there was variance and amusement (PYRITE... HOOOOOOO)
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    1. DS
    2. Firelands
    3. ToC (minus Wilfred Fizzlebang, master Summoner!)

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    Old ZG

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    ToC, Gruul, Molten Core

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drilnos View Post
    Be that as it may, it was easy. The difficult part of progressing out of Karazhan was in getting fifteen other guys before half your team got poached. The fights themselves were as easy as Naxx if not easier. Chess, the only fight you named, could be soloed. At level. So if difficulty is the sole determinant of whether a raid is good or not, Karazhan should, for the sake of consistency, be counted at Naxx's level.
    But difficulty isn't the sole determinant, at least not in my opinion. However, I loved both naxx and karazhan so I would put them both on a best raids ever-list.
    Oh yes, and I forget how long it took, but Kara's music tracks were added in a considerable amount of time after the actual instance was released. Until that point it was the quietest raid ever implemented.
    While true, the music that was implemented has to be some of the best soundtracks I've ever heard in WoW. It's up there with Lament of the Highborne, the mgt music and Jade Forest!

    I actually have plenty of nostalgia of the Wrath version of Naxx. And it felt tuned just fine to me, especially for an instance with a "nobody can die, ever" achievement attached.
    I completely agree.
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    i hate raids that feel "rushed" or lack imagination: so toc, eoe, ds.

    of course, ulduar set the bar way too high.

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    1. Naxxramas (Wotlk version)
    2. Trial of the Crusader
    4. Dragon Soul
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    1. Dragon Soul.
    This the only raid to ever make me quit the game. I did it for three weeks, and then realized that this bullshit would go on for probably another year until pandaria came out. This was the most boring and unimaginative raid I ever saw.

    2. ToC. This raid seemed like it's only purpose was to act as a time sink until they completed icecrown citadel. It was absolutely mindless, one room, no trash. What the hell was the fun in that, honestly. To add insult to injury, this came out at the end of one of the greatest raid zones ever created in Ulduar.

    3. Hyjal. Complete time sink, the 10 waves then boss gimmick was stupid, boring, and monotonous. Being forced to do this raid every week even after no one needed gear from it simply to farm gems for the guild bank was even worse.

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    Ruby sanctum

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Apathy- View Post
    Just like the top 3 best raids there must be a counterpart. Lets begin ~

    1) Dragon Soul
    2) ToC
    3) BWL Stuck on vael for a very long time

    Your turn!
    Throne was just stupid jumping around and fighting wind demons? Really Blizz really?
    BWD also stupid... didn't really feel like exploring anything, OH whoopdee Doo I took an elevator down!
    ZA was dumb never got into it.

    Favorite raids are:
    OS was even fun getting a bag and going for the mounts.
    Lich King Nax.... damn those LK raids were so yummy!

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    1) Trial of the Crusader. Boring fights, boring non-sensical location.
    2) Zul'Aman. Trolls, and having to constantly race through it to get mounts. Took the fun out of it, made it a chore with constant pressure.
    3) Hyjal. So much trash, I really just wanted to throw my hands up and let the Horde camp get taken by the enemy.
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    Throne of the Four Winds.

    ToC woulda been on there had we not figured out that alcohol makes it better. Too many good memories of drunken raid nights to put it on the list.

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    ToC and Wrath Naxx

    DS wasn't very good, but it wasn't too bad either. still possible third candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destil View Post
    Throne of the Four Winds.

    Trial of the Crusader.

    Eye of Eternity.

    ToC was hands down the worst with Throne being a close second. EoE was pretty garbage as well.

    I really hated Dragon Soul, just a poorly designed lazy raid. Especially for the "end raid". Just bad.
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    Jesus, what's with all the Malygos hate? I absolutely loved the vehicle aspect of that fight and it remains, to this day, my single favorite encounter Blizzard has ever designed.

    Anyway, here's mine:

    1.) BWD
    2.) Ulduar
    3.) TotFW

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    Trial of the Crusader - Unimaginative gear that made everyone of the same armor type look the same, with only plate really giving off a real factionesque feel. Large room with icy cavern underneath, terrible story, WAY too soon after Ulduar cutting off many people from the Ulduar experience due to lootquality's siren's song.

    Dragon Soul - While I had no issues with how they handled the Deathwing fight (I liked it, honestly. I never expected to actually "tank" the full body of DW, so the way they did it was good enough for me), nor did I mind the reusing of Dragonblight because it actually made sense in the story and I *like* revisiting older zones in "current time" (Loved, for instance, seeing the Sunwell again during the cleansing of Quel'delar), every boss was a large copy of a random mob and some encounters felt terribly... forced.

    Molten Core - The only reason to look back at this fondly was Ragnaros's awesomeness, and the fact that it was the first (WoW) raid many of us experienced. But in retrospect, nearly every boss was tank and spank with one single key debuff to watch out for. That and every Humanoid-Salamander looked the same. Dull environment. (Behind the corner, you will find... more lava.) Revisiting this place is now purely fueled by nostalgia, transmog and pets. Nothing more.
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    Naxx 25/10

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    BWD ( apart from Nefarian that place was boring )
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