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    Battletron, impossible as a 485 spriest.

    How much gear am i going to need for this fight. Everything has been pretty smooth to this point but .....this boss has an absurd enrage timer, you need to pull something like 85-90k DPS on this guy.

    BTW a self buffed spriest on single target is awful dps, we require multiple targets to dot to get procs, to do any real kind of damage. Major props to any spriest who beat this guy after the buff (he used to have much less health).

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    I am currently readin up to get a sticky for Brawlers guide with tips for every class! Stay tuned!

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    As ii replied to your other post it is possible, you just have to hard cast.

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    Fascinate do you need me to come back and give you more smack talk to help you get past it? For starters, I beat it with the same gear I had at the time, just swapped a few talents around and got full raid buffs.

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