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    Ill be the devils advocate here but as long as all parties are aware of the situation then there is really nothing wrong with it. Although, good luck I doubt it would end up well. Feeling get hurt and thinks will be said and done....... Sounds perfect on paper but in reality not so much.

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    Haha I love how the mods have been fooled by this, and are infracting people for calling him a troll. I liked the 'Dont derail the thread' comment.

    That picture in his avatar is actually a meme, that originated on 4chan,said guy in the picture was basically trying to troll everyone on 4chan, by posting pics of him and his guido GF, and baiting other 4chan users etc.

    EDIT: Here, I found the meme:

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    Well I hope they find out.

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    After two mods warnings and people still go off topic.

    Next time, if you don't like a thread, do not post in it.
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