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    Most Epic Raid Boss fight ever...?

    What was your most memorable boss fight, be it for the fun it provided or the challenge or whatever...

    Mine would have to be Lich King, defile was horrible but when we finally got him down, was great...

    Was thinking about a poll, but t hat would have been too long a list

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    The very unloved Heroic Anub and Brut were both extremely satisfying kills.

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    Kael'Thas Sunstrider!

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    Brutallus from a tank healer point of view. Besides that I'd have to say Kael'thas or Kil'Jaeden.

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    Lady Vashj..
    Most likely the hardest fight in TBC, before SWP was implemented..

    But once the ball-play was perfected, tank knew how to avoid fear on striders and DPS could manage to nuke hard enough to avoid running out of space, the fight went from frustrating to joyfull..

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    I didnt get into a serious or hardcore raid guild until the last few weeks of ICC, so I'd say my most satisfying kill was Heroic Al'akir 25. For one reason or another, we spent an absurd amount of time focusing this instead other easier H T11 fights(I think it was in part to us knowing we lost our realm first race, and the raid lead had a fascination with this raid). That final phase was such a rush.

    Since T11 was my mark of serious raiding, it's also where my two most enjoyable and fun fights lay: Chimeron and Atramedes HM. Fairly simple but fun fights. Hell, I had a blast on nearly all of T11

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    I always enjoyed Prince back in the day. Most epic would probably be Kael'thas at level.
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    blue moon, you saw me standing alone.. come on city!!
    Mine would have to be Nefarian in vanilla BWL.
    The feeling of downing that beauty with your fellow guildies (dawnblade) was amazing.

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    Algalon was pretty nice when he started to talk at the first pull and then the room changed into space.♦

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    Oh, look..

    Razorgore. Finally killing the punk after I saw two guilds fall apart on it was so satisfying! After that, we stormed through BWL and through AQ20/40 until Twin Emps aaaaand... progress gone. Glad TBC was released shortly after
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    Liked killing Brutallus from a burn healer point of view

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    In keeping with a couple other recent threads, I'm going to list three. Call it a 3-way tie if you like

    Classic Rag. The fight wasn't that awesome mechanically, and I mostly got carried by better-geared/more-experienced guild members, but it was the first raid I ever saw the end of and damn, it was awesome.

    Azuregos. Soloed him on my hunter at 70. Mainly thanks to gimmick gearing, but damn I was happy when I finally got him down. (And got all that lovely, lovely loot all to myself. )

    The Lich King. Killed him a couple months in, just before Blizz started adding in the ICC buff, if I remember right. We must have done that fight at least 50 times, if not more, before he finally went down. Most satisfying kill in my whole raiding career, from late-vanilla to the end of Cata.

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    prince, ragnaros40, nefarian40, patchwerk, mimiron, LK, Elegon, Sha of Fear.
    those i like most, for various reason

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    Algalon or LK.

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    I think mine was the Lich King also, but i never did anything really under wrath.
    The lich king just felt like you were screaming the whole time hoping you wouldn't make a mistake

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    I've been playing since Vanilla, but I mostly PvPed in Vanilla though (It's a shame..), downed ZG, AQ20 and MC though.
    But my real PvE experience started with Kara, and I need to say - every boss I killed there was awesome!

    But the most satisfying kill I've done so far was Lich King 25 man. Wiping for weeks on him because it was kinda hard to get 25 people to not screw up with defile.. And when we finaly downed him (Think it was the first week of the ICC nerfing prosess), oh god... DAT FEELING YA KNOW!?

    Then Cata let me down, I didnt feel anything clearing raids there... then when we started on Elegon 25 man, and finaly got him down - DAT FEELING AGAIN! Haha, guild broke up and now I'm casual PvPing >.< Guess it's about time to leave this game, and start playing it more casual than 4-5 hours a day (a)
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    I started "semi-serious" raiding in DS. Yes, up to that point I have been pugging/leeching and didn't clear anything significant when it was current. So my point of view is a bit skewed but still, my favorite fight of all time is actually Warmaster Blackhorn. I don't know why exactly (obviously, there are various reasons) but I just like it.

    For most epic I'd have to go with LK. Even though I only killed him in normal mode AND with the buff, downing the Lich King (or not necessarily downing him, just fighting him) was just pure epicness for me, partly because I was a huge WC3 fan back in the days and I loved the undead campaign.

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    Shade of Aran

    That from a PoV at the time,

    Madness was interesting,

    LK was good fun

    Kael was a pain in the arse

    Supermus was fun,

    Nightbane had that sense of accomplishment when we downed it the night before people had the chance to get their title
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    Hodir (ulduar) or thadius (Naxx)

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    Ragnaros : my first epic raid encounter
    Lich King HM... OMG

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