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    The Brawler's Guild - Rank One Fights Gudies

    Here is a short video on the first few bosses in Brawlers Guild, with more videos coming soon.

    The Brawler's Guild - Rank One Fights

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    Do people really need a guide for any fights up to rank 7?

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    The majority of the fights up to Rank 7 or the end of Rank 6 can be summed up in one or two sentences, tops. It hardly needs a whole video per rank.

    Bruce : Move away from his front when he uses Chomp Chomp Chomp.
    Vian the Volatile : Avoid or interrupt Fire Line and avoid Volatile Flames.
    Goredome : Move out of Lumbering Charge.
    Dungeon Master Vishas : Interrupt Heated Pokers or kite him while he has its effect.

    Dippy : Use direct attacks (non-AoE, non-DoT damaging abilities) to knock him down to prevent him from using Peck.
    Kirrawk : Stand near him, and when he summons a Twister, position him between you and the Twister so he gets hit by it and preferably you don't.
    Fran & Riddoh : Kill Riddoh first and move out of the Land Mines without stepping on them.
    King Kulakah : Easy fight with no special features, though he hits moderately hard and can dash.

    Blat : Kite him and his adds and focus DPS solely on him (the adds are slower than he is, plus you should just keep him targeted anyway).
    Sanoriak : Interrupt or move out of Fire Wall (it is shaped like a "C" but moves quickly inwards).
    Ixx : Stand as close to the middle of his hit box as possible and when he uses Devastating Thrust, move forward through him to avoid it (it has a fast cast time and huge area of effect, so be quick and don't worry about going a little further than you might need to, since there's lots of time to get back into position before he uses it again).
    Mazhareen : She deals more damage the lower her health is, so save your stuns and burst for when she is low and go all-out.

    Crush : Sidestep to avoid Collision and burn hard otherwise as he has a lot of health.
    Leona Earthwind : Her adds do a lot of damage, so burning some down might be worthwhile if you can't burst her down fast enough while moving out of Solar Beams.
    Dominika the Illusionist : Her adds can do considerable damage, but have only one health so can be destroyed with any decent AoE if they start to pile up.
    Deeken : Fight near the middle of the room to avoid the moving electrical blocks, moving as necessary.

    Millie Watt : Move out of Electric Dynamite until she attempts to cast Megafantastic Discombobumorphanator on you, then stand in it just as her cast finishes in order to break yourself immediately out of the polymorph instead of being killed by it.
    Fjoll : Avoid purple fire and move out of Dark Zone.
    Proboskus : Interrupt or blow defensive cooldowns on Torrent and avoid the Rain Dance (both are similar to the Jinyu champion abilities) while DPSing hard as it gets a hard melee enrage earlier than the normal timer.
    Leper Gnome Quintet : AoE them hard and kite/stun/cooldown to clear stacks of the debuff if necessary.

    Yikkan Izu : AoE hard whenever birds are up (as killing too many at once enrages the boss).
    Akama : Kill Spirit Wolves when he summons them, kite/stun/purge him while he has Shadow Strikes, and interrupt/soak Chain Lightning.
    Smash Hoofstomp : Kill his "lucky charms" first to get a damage increase on him, then make sure to DPS him from behind during the shield block.
    Unguloxx : He does incredible physical damage, so kite/stun him and burst him down as quickly as possible.

    There you go. Now you can get your own Brawler's Invite to sell, with only one sentence per fight.

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