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    Spirit Kings hotfixed to a fixed order.

    Progressing on this boss and getting Qiang -> Sub -> Zian -> Meng every time.

    This greatly reduces inherent frustration of this boss. I should note this is on Heroic. (Can't edit title, otherwise I would.)

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    we got qiang-> sub ->meng -> zain today

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    Source? This is great if it's true

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    We were progressing earlier this week and it was random, it's no longer random. We've done about 20 attempts getting to the last boss consistently and it's the same order each time. I'm all for RNG, but this isn't RNG.

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    Doesnt the encounter lock 1 order for 1 reset? I cant remember the encounter switching orders when I was progressing on normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megabaken View Post
    Doesnt the encounter lock 1 order for 1 reset? I cant remember the encounter switching orders when I was progressing on normal.
    Never used to on normal. Always nice to know if its a set order

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    We were DEFINITELY getting random orders on Thursday, we're not getting any randomness tonight. We're putting in some serious progression and we haven't seen a single change in the order.

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    Awesome, time to progress on spirit kings next reset.

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    Just killed it, too! Having Meng last has the added benefit of being able to push him a little bit past his "normal" enrage. We were 1 tank, 3 healing though, and I believe we'll be 2 healing next week.

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    Nerf is confirmed. Latest US kill (~ 1 hr ago) always had Subetai 2nd.

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    lol, that was my raid.

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    I'm still skeptical, but good thing if it's true. Even though we killed it already, constant resetting was incredibly annoying. Still, I'll believe it when I see it myself - or in hotfix notes. I mean, didn't GC twit about it few days ago, saying "it's fine"?

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    If it isn't fixed, then my guild just had the most insane string of luck imaginable. I mean, you can watch the stream if you don't believe me. It's two hours of attempts and not even once did the order change on ANY of the attempts.

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    Thursday our raid had really bad luck and had to reset them for 40 minutes, kept getting Meng 2nd. If it's fixed order that's really great!

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    Too late for us, but great change nonetheless. Should make farm more easy.

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    i see lots of 6\6 MSV(H) coming..... just wonder if it's always the same or just copies the first RNG?

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    Now you will never know the feeling of killing Qiang -- Meng -- Zian --- Subetai"

    Lol, who am I kidding, that order was completely retarded at times during progress, MC + Orb within 1sec, then MC + Volley within 2secs, so much to watch out for. But it Felt so satisfying when it was killed in that order unlike some bosses.

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    Good change, came too late for my guild, but good change!

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    When we did it tuesday it was still random. 2 actual attempts to kill them (HM), 17 "wipes" waiting for the right RNG -.-

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