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    Lightbulb mmo champ hall of fame

    i think there needs to be some type of mmo champ hall of fame for legendary members. it could grant MVP like perks on the blizzard official forums. custom color names/ranks etc.

    i also think i should be one of the first members inducted. i have become a staple name in the world of mmo champ. when people hear about mmo-champion, the first people they think about is bouboullie and ron burgundy.

    im open to any other ideas to get the ball rollin on this.
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    You already have a special status, Ron. It gives you a very exclusive avatar with the words "banned" on it, and your name has an awesome-looking line stroke through it.
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    Going to close this before it turns into a giant argument about good and bad posters; suggestion has been heard.

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