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    Funny how that "realistic dps" list isn't even close to what shows, which base it numbers on the combat logs people upload from actual in-game combat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorfie View Post
    Why are you saying you should do more DPS because you don't have any utlitity? Our hunter brings any buff we need, soaks spells such as Elegon adds and Will of the Emperor sparks and has amazing AoE. Last time I checked our hybrids don't start casting flash heals and healing waves when we need extra heals. They can drop a healing tide totem, which helps, but pure DPS have utility in other areas.

    Also according to this chart, you're middle of the pack and all 3 specs are very close together. Isn't that ideal? Sorry you aren't rank 1.
    When the chart was first posted, all three Hunter specs were at the bottom. They've since updated it based on the hotfixes (Serpent Sting buff, Aspect of the Hawk buff, etc).

    In addition, while each class brings utility, Hunters don't bring that much utility. Their best utility comes from one of three things: a pet that can fill the void if you're missing a particular helpful buff, Deterrence for negating physical damage (at the cost of DPS, mind you) or for soaking large hits (50% reduced damage is quite large; most classes can do 40% or less), or for being able to DPS at range while on the move.

    Of those three utility features, the first just comes down to raid composition (it is possible to have all major buffs covered before a Hunter even joins a raid) and the second is shared by many classes, including hybrid classes (Divine Shield or Hand of Protection, Dispersion, Ice Block, etc). The only thing the Hunter shines on is DPS on the move. While most melee classes can easily DPS on the move, they suffer from the time spent getting to a new target while target swapping, or moving out of puddles and so on that make them leave melee range. Hunters are basically like melee in that they can (now) continue their entire rotation while moving (unless they are using Powershot for some reason) but they can easily stay at range, allowing them to change targets more quickly and waste less time getting into range. In addition, this can't really be called utility in the strictest sense - it just allows them to have better DPS in fights where this is beneficial to them. For instance, Heroic Stone Guard, or Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. However, if you look at those fights, even though Hunters can DPS on the go really easily, they still aren't topping the charts - they're mostly average (although they seem to do alright on Zor'lok - mostly because their pet can stay on the boss almost 100% of the time).

    If they are lackluster on almost all fights as far as DPS goes, then the only thing they're bringing is their damage-soaking abilities (which many other classes share) and their flexible buff (which, again, the "proper" class with that buff obviously shares).

    Their AoE isn't that great. Only Survival has anything decent for AoE with Improved Serpent Sting and Serpent Spread, but that's only because they're not limited by any AoE diminishing returns (due to applying an AoE DoT) and so you need a lot of enemies for this to make them push ahead, such as on Wind Lord. However, if you look at Wind Lord - the one fight where Survival is supposed to do excellently for this reason alone - Hunters are barely around the average for DPS.

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