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    Jewelcrafting level to find meta gem recipes in pandaria?

    Hi guys,

    which level in jewelcrafting do i need to be able to find meta gem recipes in pandaria? is 1 enough or do i need 525 ?

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    Afraid I don't know, my alts were 525 when they were questing in pandaria. If you have quested through the whole of jade forest and not gotten 1 and are below 525, that may be your answer as they seem to show up pretty often if you are eligible for the drop.

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    I was 600 before I started questing in Jade Forest. Hit 90 and never saw a single meta recipe.

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    you can get the patterns at 500-525 my alt was getting the patterns when his jc was only leveled to the point of cata's jc gems, how ever I have noticed a dramatic nerf to their drop rate compared to getting nearly all the meta patterns in jade forest upon releasee. My 4th jc is 88 and only has a few of the meta's via questing.

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    I think you can get the Meta Gem once you're already on levels 495-525. But in order for you to get these patterns, you'll need to do Jewelcrafting Dailies.

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    I saw all of the patterns within the first three days, was annoying cause I had to pause and level JC some before hitting 90 cause my bags were being filled with the damn patterns.
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