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    How to oUF/lua?

    I want to get into oUF for my unit frames but it doesn't help that I'm terrible with LUA coding. Sure I can change sizes, colors, fonts and the like (the simple things), but I have no clue how to actually configure something or write my own code. I found an oUF I considerably like (here) but there are a few things that I would like to remove. Sometimes when I randomly remove things, it works, but not this time. Every time I try to remove something, the entire layout breaks on me.

    I tried reading one of those LUA for beginner things and I got lost while it was explaining the different things like functions and strings.

    List of things that I want to do with this layout:

    -Remove in-game configuration.
    -Remove cast bar icon.
    -Remove healer layout.
    -Remove power bar on everything
    -^ Remove power texts on everything
    -Remove highlight on mouseover.
    -Remove all player cast debuffs, I want to see encounter debuffs like the first Brewery boss barrel stacks and other related things. I don't care for some Warlock's Agony or my Black Arrow. I also want to keep buffs, I like seeing what mounts people have xD
    -Separate all frames size configuration.

    If I can somehow get pointed in the right direction.. Already did some of the things I wanted with it but I feel like I hit a wall. If there is actually an oUF layout already out that is similar enough to this one I would gladly accept that one instead. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    in 5.20 if you check history you can dl his version without the GUI and probably just a config textfile, sure you might miss out on things he updated.. but could be worth a try if the structure is easier for you to maintain if it's the coding related to the gui that's breaking when you try to edit things.

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    That suggestion helped tremendously. I had to go back to 5.15 to get it without a GUI though.

    I just got two questions:

    One, how do I turn off my debuffs on the target? I got other people's debuffs off the target, but I can't figure out how to remove mine. -- buffs/debuffs portion of core.lua (let me know if I need to post the config.lua portion)

    Two, is there anyway to have raid frames grow from the center in a 25 row set of raid frames? Like first raid frame in the center. 2 raid frames on top of and underneath the center line. 3 raid frames continuing like the first but with another above and beneath. Continuing on like that.

    Offtopic: With changing from Smooth texture unitframes to transparent ones, how should I texture things like DBM timers, skada meters, ect.?
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    You need to edit the filtering if you dont want your own debuffs but players, look into his aurafiltering.. probably there you have to edit.

    Don't have time to dig into his code , but had a quick glance.. not tested but i think it should work.

    Try setting ignoreDebuff = true, -- hide others' debuff on enemy and edit

    elseif not UnitIsFriend("player", unit) and (not cfg.AuraFilter.ignoreDebuff or not icon.isDebuff) then
    to this

    elseif icon.isPlayer and (not cfg.AuraFilter.ignoreDebuff or not icon.isDebuff) then
    not sure if you can make the raidframes spawn like that.

    Play around with raidanchors..

    'point', "TOP",
    'columnAnchorPoint', "LEFT"

    About dbm/skada:

    I used Transparent frames quite a while ago, i found a 2 year old screeni here how i displayed DBM then.. sorry about the poor quality though.

    Imo, just pick clean bright colors!

    I only show my skada as text, i did the same with transparent frames and sticking to it.. personal preference i guess... top left corner.

    Hope that's of any help.. good luck!

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    While the code you gave me didn't work, it really pointed me in the right direction of where to look and what to do. Looked up like 3 lines and changed

    if icon.isPlayer then -- show all my auras
    return true


    if icon.isPlayerDebuff then -- show all my auras
    return false
    (That somehow broke)

    Enabled buffs and debuffs, no player debuffs. Exactly how I wanted it.

    On the raid frames, I looked into it and added changed a portion from the healing profile to the dps/tank profile in the config.lua

    cfg.anchor = "TOP"


    cfg.anchor = "CENTER"

    Works perfectly.
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