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    [A] Keepers of Light - US Kilrogg (SG Guild) Recruiting for 25m (6/12 TOT)

    Keepers of Light PVE is a Singaporean (+8 GMT) alliance guild on Kilrogg (US). We strive to be a successful alliance raiding guild on our server (within top 10 ranking), with considerations to both real life and in game. Therefore we define ourselves as a productive & casual raiding PvE guild. We expect our raiders to be fully prepared: best attainable equipment (for e.g: Darkmoon Faire Cards), potions, flasks, food, fully enchanted and gemmed up, and most importantly ATTITUDE!

    Current ToT raid progress: 6/12

    We are currently recruiting for our 25 man Mists of Pandaria raid. Below are the classes we require:

    Druid: Balance/Resto
    Monk: Mistweaver
    Pally: Holy
    Hunter: Survival/Beast Mastery
    Priest: Shadow
    Shaman: Elemental/Resto
    Mage: Frost/Fire
    Warlock: Affliction/Demonology/Destruction

    If you think you are able to commit on any of our raid days Friday, Saturday 9pm - 12mn*. Do head to kolguild.com/recruitment to fill in the application form.

    Gear checks will be done when our officers are assessing your application. So please do log out in your raid-capable gears! (Minimum iLvl = 480)

    Trialing will be conducted via cross-realm raids (either LFR / 10man raids), thus we will require you to give us your #BattleTag

    We will be adopting a loot council system for our 25m raids, and we expect our raiders to be matured enough to understand the council’s decision.

    *Time posted refers to GMT +8 Timezone
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