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    Looking for a bit of help for our tank. - Logs

    Hey guys, I'm a healer in a small guild, slowly getting through normal MSV....yes, yes I know.

    Anyways, I've finally convinced the guild to start using WorldofLogs, and while I can gather information regarding what can help our healers, and our dps, I'm in the dark of what we can do, to improve our tanks.

    Here are the logs of our raid last night, note: this is only the first 4 bosses in MSV, since we seem to be failing on Elegon, we now do it on a seperate night. If there is anything you guys see that would help us out, I'd love to hear it. Only thing I found, that might be an issue, is that his DPS seems to be a bit low, even for a tank. As I can not post links, you'll need to take out the "DOT."

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    Just had a quick scan, but one thing that screams out to me is the fact he didn't use Shield Block once a whole raid.

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    link for anyone else who cares to look: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0e3nbj3njfiu4u1e/

    This is a really small sample size to judge any one off of, specially considering it doesn't include any attempts on the boss in question. I'm curious what sort of wall you're running up against, because it may not even be tank related and the following advice might not have a direct correlation to anything.

    • Just by looking at it rather quickly. He's using shield barrier exclusively, never shield block. He'll need both for Elegon.
    • He's using heroic strike way more often than ultimatum procs, more than double. This may be due to it being easier content that you guys are going right through, but if he's doing that on Elegon, it may lead to him not having the required rage for Sblock/Sbarrier combo during the breaths.
    • Shield Slams seem low by about 20 or so per fight.

    But again, this is such a small sample size and 3/4 of your fights are one shots, so maybe he's doing Elegon properly for progression, and just pushing out damage on fights that are easy for you guys. No way to know until we see more logs.

    He's logged as fury right now, so I couldn't see how he's itemized.
    For any one who may respond to this thread later, here is his armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...culus/advanced

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    Unless you're failing on some kind of add control I don't really see how it has much to do with this guy, he could use his offensive cooldowns a bit more often in some fights to min/max but I doubt it's anything big. It's a bit strange how he didn't use shield block at all but if you're not failing at the fight because the tank is dead then it makes no difference.

    What I did notice when I looked at the log is that the damage that your DPS are doing is pretty low and the way you seem concerned with damage suggests that perhaps you aren't doing enough damage to kill elegon? I'd probably see that as the area you need to address.

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    He will be doing 20% more DPS atleast by using Shield block instead of shield Barrier, and just filling the gaps in his uptime with it. However that doesn't really seem to be your main problem. Also as already stated, using heroic strike that often will severely gimp your DPS, not just due to rage starvation but then as a knock on effect that you wont be able to get SBlock up and use heavy repercussions
    He also needs to start using his banners like Skull Banner and Demo Banner as every little helps, especially with the latter in the last phase. From a personal PoV I'd also recommend using windsong over colossus but I know there are some die-hard fans of it out there for some reason:P


    On the damage by actor section you can see a few things;
    You need to have your DPS resetting their stacks a bit more than that, as the disparity is really high
    Your tanks shouldn't really be resetting their debuffs as the vengeance gained from it really helps out with killing some of the sparks
    Your hunter needs to pull his finger out really as that damage on the sparks isn't really acceptable
    You should really be aiming to kill 4 waves of energy charges each time, letting the 5th just go through and spending their moving to pillars time, tunneling DPS into the boss. This is going to make your last phase ALOT easier letting you kill Elegon after the second pillars phase, well within a bloodlust and just letting you back to back raid CD's

    What problems specifically were you having with the fight?
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    Heya, looked at his logs for Stone Guard and compared them to mine, as Gara'Jal and Feng are all heavily dependent on what role you take. There is some stuff that looks a bit out of the ordinary.

    Your kill took about 1 minute longer than ours, but he still only Shield Slammed 26 times, whereas I got in 32 Shield Slams. He got in 41 revenges whereas I got 49. 6 shield slams and 8 revenges is a total of 240 rage, or 4 shield blocks, which is a big big deal (24 seconds of reduced damage). If he were to get in a proportional amount of shield slams and blocks to my logs, he would be doing about 38 shield slams and 60 revenges, which is a grand total of 525 (off the top of my head) rage more, which is 8 shield blocks/full-sized barriers. I can't remember how much it is on normal, but on Heroic when I tank 2 of the adds, a 60 rage barrier is >450k damage absorb. So do that x8 and he's reducing dmg intake by like 3.5 million, or about 6-7 full healthbars. That would help.

    Not using shield block at all is very very weird. I tried to inspect his prot gear but he logged out in fury. If you tell him to log out in prot I can take a look and see what's what. I suspect he might be reforging to mastery as all the guides pretty much tell you, but is consequently not using shield block, making all the reforging etc. useless. So yeah, on low vengeance shield block is king on most fights. On some fights, like Elegon, his normal damage is not too bad, so you want to save block + barrier for the breaths, so you can reduce spikiness in dmg intake as much as he can.

    I think from a healer PoV the not using shield block thing is biggest. The cool thing about warriors is that dmg intake is so predictably and steady with block up. Barrier leads to a lot more spikiness unless you time it perfectly (a trick I haven't mastered yet :P).

    TL;DR: Spam Shield Slam + Revenge more for more rage, use Shield Block to reduce spikiness of dmg intake. tell him to log in DPS gear if you want me to take a look at his gear.

    PS: I'd agree with above poster, he uses cleave/heroic strike a lot, which he shouldnt be doing at these levels, the DPS race is not that bad at this point.

    PPS: If I were to venture a guess I'd say you're probably having issues with the orbs on Elegon? Your raid setup isnt very bursty (the DK could be but his DPS is pretty bad), which could lead to some issues with the orbs I'd imagine.

    PPPS(Bored at work): Not sure about his gear, but this level of DPS would indicate he's nowhere near hit/exp cap, which is something I found extremely useful both for rage generation and for DPS output
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    A very good point raised in the above post, didn't think of checking that. I'd highly recommend to him getting Hit / Expertise capped so he actually can attain a decent uptime on shield block. The addon ReforgeLite helps immensely with this for Prot as you just set it to softcap hit and Hardcap Expertise with Mastery as your third priority and you can click and forget :P

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    Superdupertip: reforge fully into mastery and them gem into hit/expertise to hit 7.5% on both. That way, you have the flexibility of reforging to 15% expertise in exchange for just mastery, which is great for magic damage fights.

    I did it last week, looks like this: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dt/Psyy/simple

    This way, I spend 150g to switch between magic and melee dmg fights, instead of regemming etc. (The stam gemming instead of full mastery is because we are progressing heroics and it adds a little margin of error for me and my healers)

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    Just as everyone else has mentioned, He HAS to use shield block. I specifically checked Garajal fight and he hasn't used it once. which is pretty sad.

    Garajal is basically all melee and it will negate a lot more dmg than shield barrier. Also, Second Wind has its place in fights, but I prefer Enraged Regen. If healers are on top of their game, the tank shouldn't be at 35% (threshold for triggering Second Wind). Another thing I noticed is that he is not using a lot of his utility moves. No demo banner or even SKULL BANNER. Tell him to use demo shout (1min cd) banners and even shattering throw. Also, he should be using his 5th tier talents( defensive utilities) Don't care which one, just USE IT. its very good. (except mass spell reflect).

    To be honest, it seems your tank needs to do his homework. It seems he doesn't know his class as well as he should and that he's a bad player. He plays his warrior as if he's back in Wrath or something.

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    Yeah if DPS is struggling, you might want him to actually use skull banner + shattering, as the combo of the two is sick (especially with a relatively melee heavy setup -> hunter (counts as melee for armor purposes), monk, DK tank, DK DPS, warrior)

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