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    Annoying green border

    Had to replace old hard drive, and re install WoW. I saved my WTF and Interface folders from my previous UI, hoping to re use it. After the fresh install I replaced both folders with my old ones, and this annoying green border will not go away. Anyone have a clue how to remove it? I have went through disabling addons one by one to see if i could pinpoint which was causing it, no luck.

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    green textures indicates that the image cannot be found in the file check what the name of the border is and then make sure it does exist in your wow folder

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    How would I check that? Previously I had wow installed on my c drive, after the fresh install its now in programfiles86. Would that have anything to do with it?

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    Opening up a SavedVariables file from one of the addons with the not quite fancy green border and look for the texture path should help.

    WTF\Account\<YOURACCOUNTNAME>\SavedVariables then look for the .lua file for one of the addons, for example you tooltip addon.
    Example: I open up that folder, find the SavedVariables for my tooltip addon (TipTac) which is named TipTac.lua.
    I then look through it and find a line that goes like this:
    ["tipBackdropEdge"] = "Interface\\Addons\\Quartz\\textures\\grayborder",
    This line tells me what the texture name is, and it's location. I then open up said location
    Interface\AddOns\Quartz\textures and find a .tga file called grayborder. Considering your not quite fancy green border, you should not be able to find said file in the location in the SavedVariables for your addon.

    Or you could look up the name of the border texture ingame on one of your addons and search for it on your computer. I just like opening up those .lua files, makes me feel smart

    Do note, it's not guaranteed you will find ["tipBackdropEdge"] in your SavedVariables if you're not using TipTac. Look for something that has to do with Edge or Border.

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    After breaking multiple pieces of office furniture, the problem has been fixed. Replacing a few texture file paths solved it!!! I am grateful for your help kind sir!


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    You're welcome.

    Just realised that second option i mentioned was incomplete...

    /cast [@self] Punish

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