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    Interface Options Category OnClick Listener

    Hey guys!

    I am writing an addon and decided to use Blizzard's Interface Options for my addon options. I'm looking to add a bunch of subcategories in the interface options under my addon category and each subcategory will have a scrollable list. Because each subcategory will be similar in structure I was planning on recycling the scrollable list components, but in order to do that I need to be able to hook the OnClick function that gets executed when the user clicks on the subcategory name in the Interface Options Category list so I can re-parent the scrollable list components to the selected subcategory.

    I've looked and can't find where I could hook on that OnClick event. If anyone knows how I can hook it or knows of an addon that uses a scrollable frame in the Interface Options panel please let me know!


    Bonus question: Does anyone know how to get the height of the Interface Options contents panel?

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    You'll want to use :HookScript, I'd assume. Also, :GetHeight()?
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    I'll have to look into HookScript and try to find what I can hook on to.

    I've tried using GetHeight, but I guess I don't know what to call get height on. I'm not sure how to access the panel blizzard created.

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    /fstack, check the frame name.
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