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    Exclamation Anyone Know what this Error Loop is?

    Message: ...sRole\libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua:95: attempt to call upvalue 'GetNumRaidMembers' (a nil value)
    Time: 12/02/12 18:46:22
    Count: 10
    Stack: [C]: ?
    ...sRole\libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua:95: in function <...sRole\libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua:94>
    ...sRole\libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua:246: in function <...sRole\libs\LibTalentQuery-1.0\LibTalentQuery-1.0.lua:243>
    (tail call): ?


    Does anybody know how to fix this / what addon is causing this?

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    It's not an addon causing it, GetNumRaidMembers was removed in 5.0.4 and replaced with GetNumGroupMembers.

    Edit: Obviously, yes it is an addon causing it; don't know what I was thinking - when you've figured out which addon it is (See post below ), open the lua file and replace all the occurances of GetNumRaidMembers with GetNumGroupMembers.
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    What's that folder name that's being cut off? That's likely the base addon.
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