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    Question for ele's with alts or who rerolled (pvp)


    After all those years as ele I'm finally ready to ditch ele pvp. I have all classes at lvl 85+ but I have a hard time deciding what to play as main in pvp. With the current gearing process I'm a bit worried to make the wrong choice, something I of course can't exclude. However I could use some input from fellow ele shamans, hence my question:

    What spec/class do you enjoy most besides your ele?
    What spec felt most natural for you coming from your ele shaman?
    And maybe as important: which specs did you not enjoy ca didn't feel natural to you coming from ele?

    I'm not talking in terms of performance, just in general. Hope that can help me make up my mind.


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    Try a class with lots of CC and ways to survive.
    I'm playing a MM hunter alt at the moment (hate BM), for many reasons:
    • It is interesting to play a class/spec, who casts but never has to worry about interrupts.
    • Insane amounts of CC unlike Shaman. You can Scatter + Trap, then monkey blind + silence, finally knockback with explosive trap as an interrupt a healer and lock him down for a quite a bit. We never had a CC chain like this.
    • If you are a shaman, you already know about kiting. Hunters are similar too. Tools are similar as well (Conc Shot - Frost Shock).
    • Hunters are the most custom class ever if you haven't noticed before. You can have different skill sets with many setups. Pet choice, spec choice, talent choice have so much effect on your gameplay directly.
    • You can kill mages, rogues, warriors. They all used to stomp on you.

    I always loved MM and Surv more, hated BM because it's too boring and straightforward to play. 5.1 has nice buffs to both specs and Blizzard takes innovative steps on Hunter design, started on lifting ammo-requirements. They have done and keep doing so many QoL changes for the class and they know how to nerf them without hurting too much. Many of the abilities are used as the same in PvE as well so Blizzard hardly does huge nerfs on them.

    I want to try a frost mage now, always avoided it because of FOTM reasons. However, personally, I always thought that in some aspects Shaman class always has too much limitations and doesn't properly reward much skillful play. I would like to try myself with a class that rewards skillful play for once. Skillcap might be too low that even bad players can burst someone in seconds, but I have seen many skillful mageplay too in some other situations because they have an answer to almost anything, it's just a matter of using them right.

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    A better expansion.
    Try shadowpriest, I feel like a god when anyone tries to fuck with me (Warriors don't count)

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    Thanks for that post mithgroth, the feedback that I was after. Hunters were off my radar as it was one of the last classes I levelled in cata to 85 and I didn't enjoy BM at all, while seeing now everywhere that BM was so disgustingly OP. But when I levelled as MM one way or another that felt like I was leveling my shaman. And just like you I always tried playing a frost mage, to give up after a couple of hours and doing a few bgs. Guess I highly favor underdog specs somehow.

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    Well coming from an elemental PoV, most classes will seem like God Mode when you switch

    I've been enjoying PvP on my shadow priest lately. The class is easy and very forgiving since you have so many defensive CD's and CC. There are a lot of advantages to Shadow as compared to other classes. I personally never liked hunters or any pet class for that matter in PvP, but that's just me.

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    What to reroll to ?
    I'm in the same spot exactly. After years of playing, I'm finally abandonning the shaman class, as both dps specs are so incredibly weak these days, and I hate healing.

    I'm leveling both a mage and a warlock right now, can't decide between them.
    I actually kinda like shadow priests too, so if it's as good as answers in this thread suggest, maybe I'll try that.
    If anyone has comments about those classes/specs, please tell !

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    I had a druid main (resto/balance) since I started playing. Aside from Cat when both specs sucked, it's a lot like shaman. Resto typically strong, balance typically weak. In Cat I had a "wtf" moment where I realized I was running around in an arena as feral. I switched to shaman mostly for pve reasons, but a fresh start in pvp was attractive.

    But I've moth-balled the shaman pvp. We tried playing ret-ele-disc to start the season, and that was miserable. We switched to ret-shadow-resto, which was much better, but the priest really doesn't like dpsing and I'm kind of ambivalent about healing. With the changes in 5.1, I've gone back to the druid. Mostly for sentimental reasons.

    I also have a warlock and a mage at max level. Both of them were really attractive options - especially the mage. That class just seems to have everything.

    All that said, I still find myself hitting my tremor keybind a fair bit.

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    i rerolled the following from ele midway through s11: sp, fire mage, ret pally, arms warr, and ended up rerolling to enhance at the end of s11.

    the only classes i really liked were other hybrids, and i ended up full circle on shaman again playing enhance because i secretly enjoy getting globaled.

    for real though, you'd probably like sp coming from ele.

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    I went shadow priest, it's just as much fun, except you can disintegrate people who attack you and then gloat at their misfortune (instead of clicking ''Release Spirit'' as ele).
    "When I die I want the shaman class developers to lower me into my grave so they can let me down one last time."

    Shamans in WoW - "We're the dumb blonde at the workplace. We look great, but people question what we're actually doing."

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    I keep a lock at max level just in case I get tired or bored of my shaman, mainly because locks are the only other caster I enjoy playing, in any aspect of the game.

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    i PvE ele and PvP resto, resto is more fun in PvP anyway.

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    I find the Shadow priest most resembles the hybrid nature of the eleshaman, with the heals. Their orbs mechanic reminds me of our fulminate, their DOTs are placed just like you would place flameshock, and their mind blast = lava burst. In fact, your dots have a chance to make mind blast instant, just like a lava surge...

    ...Damn. Those developers got lazy.

    Anyway, seriously Spriest play like overall stronger ele shaman, BUT they lack the on-demand burst. Ascendence feels sweet and Spriest don't deliver on that "big burst" cooldown. They make up for it for being stronger for the rest of the time though. Another downside is that you tend to feel "rooted" as you channel Mind Flay (i.e. "Lightning bolt filler"). When I first played on a Spriest after my Ele Shaman, I kept breaking the channel cos of Unleashed Lightning habits.

    Another analogous class is the destro warlock. It feels like a ele shaman gone darkside. If you were good at ele shaman, you'd be fantastic at destro. You slink around the battlefield, kite and build up to a massive attack with chaos bolt. The warlock's appeal is that its toolkit makes it so powerful in the hands of a skilled player. The mobility and utility of the class feels like "evil shaman". And the warlock's self-healing and survivability toolkit has to be seen to be believed.

    Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsAz2dcxY8g

    Overall if you liked the hybrid nature of the ele shaman, and you were the type that healed team mates while blowing enemies up, Spriest. If you enjoyed the kiting, mobility and trickery of stuff like thunderstorm/ghostwolf, then Destro warlock will be right up your alley. Both are strong and very viable in PVP.

    Fair warning that I like to play "underdog" classes. Everyone's a mage and warrior *rollseyes*

    Edit: What I did NOT feel natural:

    Most melee classes, but especially DK. The Rune watching aspect of it was mind boggling after the fluid, fuss free nature of ele shaman rotation. Warriors felt weird too.
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    none....ive played almost all kind of char-spec but i like ele most..(. and by far)...unless they do something im thinking rerolling to my des lock for rating pvp
    ..i was thinking about my hunter... but hunter its not really fun these days..

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