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    Looking for Horde PVP server

    Hello fellow mmochampions,

    Im looking for a good pvp server that does rbgs and arenas. Currently the server I'm in is dead. Can you share your knowledge on top horde pvp servers ?

    I looked at other similar subjects but still no answer on a PVP Server with good people for arena/rbg


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    Well... for EU it has to be Stormscale (?)... not 100% sure now, but I was pretty awesome some months ago!
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    Pretty much Stormscale for H and Outland / Sylvanas for alliance. But expect a lot of retarded rbg leaders to request 2.2 exp for the smallest crap.
    To work @ that, don't pug. Even if you see people at 2.2k, I can guarantee you that they either wintraded or got boosted. The few ones that do it legit are in a guilds with close friends.
    I hoped I helped

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    Im EU. But I guess Stormscale is full can't transferr there. Any alternatives ?

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