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    Quote Originally Posted by Anarchor View Post
    Well that's your opinion then.

    I personally find Second Life a much better mmo and that is me not really looking for any gameplay at all.

    Then other people have been playing Eve online for years and couldn't even care to throw a glance at WoW.

    This thread is really silly. Also if you think it has anything to do with how many subscribers? Nope. Some mmo communities are absolutely thriving and close knit active communities with only as much as a few hundred participants.

    So "better" is really a subjective way to put it. If anything WoW is the most mainstream, and that's about the only non-subjective thing you can say about it.
    I tried second life the other week all i found in the whole game was perverts and weirdos, i find it hard to believe anyone could enjoy being in that world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotFunny008 View Post
    But why would Blizzard purposefully slaughter their own cash cow! Not going to happen! Blizzard is not going to destroy WoW just so that Titan would take over. That is just stupid.
    I didn't say they would do it on purpose. I just think Titan is one of the only games that'll come out within the next 5 years that even has a small prayer of taking its crown. WoW's graphics have needed a tuneup for a while now and people like myself with high grade PCs are getting tired of looking at a videogame that hasn't had a significant graphical upgrade since it's launch over 8 years ago.

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    I would love for a new mmo to start to give wow a run for its money. I prob wouldn't play it. But here is the reason behind this thinking. If a new MMO was to give wow a run for its money it would force blizz to put in alot more effort to wow and add more and more content and more stuff to keep us playing wow. Two great mmos going against each other makes both games better.
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    probably there won't be for some time, expecially after the monumental SWTOR fail and GW2 doing meh.
    the only big project with a strong IP i see out there with a lot of potential (=get big numbers) is the elder scrolls online.
    the fact that it isnt developed by bethesda makes me somewhat skeptical though, also i read some potentially bad design decisions about limiting world exploration that bug me a bit.

    overall mmos are struggling atm, titan is what will define the future of the genre.
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    I don't really see anything giving wow a run for it's money, wow happened at the right place and right time. It's a freak. Games will be better certainly, but because of wow there are so many different options if you want to play that type of game that the audience is now fragmented, and it's a decreasing audience as well because people have moved on past the mmo grind model. The only thing I see really being able to 'beat' wow is something that comes with some from of totally new technological advance.

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    Only time will tell I guess, the fact that we get attached to the game and lore itself is enough even if there might be a better mmo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grievuuz View Post
    I think Titan will be ridiculously awesome. Blizzard has had the secondary team work on WoW for years, while the primary team has been working on Titan. I'm definitely looking forward to it.
    Exactly, every first tier designers from Blizz working on Titan years ago, i cannot wait to see what they make for us, im really hyped for the next Blizzcon
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    There was one called City of Heroes that was so much more fun than WoW in various regards while lacking in others that got closed down for good the other day. Amongst them was the best community to have ever graced an MMO.

    Don't get me wrong, I think you guys and girls are superb, and a lot of the players out there are no doubt solid, but the game itself does not lend much in the way to actually promoting working with your team or fellow player past just getting shit done, or even talking to them in a lot of the end game content until things go wrong in which case it's everyone's fault.
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    I think Swtor and Rift are better than wow, more fun to play and in general more entertaining experiences than wow,

    and before anyone says "wow has 12mil subs its obviously the best", Justin bieber has a billion youtube hits, doesnt mean hes any good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Therealmagoo View Post
    I tried second life the other week all i found in the whole game was perverts and weirdos, i find it hard to believe anyone could enjoy being in that world.
    You need to know what subcommunities to look for. It hosts several of the biggest combat oriented roleplay communities in the world, so it's definitely the place to be for roleplayers. (All alone due to the fact that you can create everything you want there in terms of outfits, architecture etc, everything).

    And with about 1 million paying users it has a bigger amount of money being transactioned in and out of the world every week than what Blizzard sees in a year time from it's subscription money. (Also with the fact that it costs 1000 dollars to open a sim and 300 dollars a month in rent).
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