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    I ended up as the "stripper race" (night elf female), mainly for the shadowmeld(you'd be surprised on how handy this racial is xDDDD) and the dodge racial.

    Because the night elf male animations are PATHETIC so theres that.
    There are no alternatives even if i decide to lose the racial (worgen dwarf draenei lol)
    humans are boring and pandaren looks better as monks than warriors.

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    I tend to roll with Human Female if I can. Why? Because of gear and animation. That's all that matters to me.

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    um dont understand.

    He's not an elf, why is that not an issue? If men should play male toons, should not everyone play humans?

    Its a fantasy MMO, who give a shit, its weird that anyone would read anyting into this at all and says more about that person than about the person with the female toon....
    No game will ever kill wow. Though Blizard themselves are making a pretty damm good attempt lately.


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    I see my character as an extension of myself, and I'm not staring at my own character's ass the whole time. Why you'd make a female for exactly that reason is beyond me. I'm not buying that excuse, there's a different reason all these guys want to play female characters...the whole I want to stare at her ass thing is a scapegoat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noden View Post
    What I don't get is the people that make slutty transmog sets.
    From my experience, most of those people are women. I make creepy or cool sets, but my wife is hellbent on making every single female character of hers completely slutty. I think it's a girl thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    Hmm, I didn't think anything was dramatic there, I think you're projecting.

    Your opinion is pretty much the same as mine.
    It's a Role-playing game, and the idea is to pick a role you want to play.
    Not a role you want to look at for the pixelated ass, lol

    I also think people are going to assume at first that a female character with a female name is a female IRL.
    And when you assume, you make an ass out of you, but not me, as I'm not a gullible bastard that thinks every female character is actually a woman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sykol View Post
    From my experience, most of those people are women. I make creepy or cool sets, but my wife is hellbent on making every single female character of hers completely slutty. I think it's a girl thing.
    I'll be careful with the word slut, but man do I hate those kinds of transmogs. It's not because they're "too revealing" and/or "slutty", but I just don't think a high level character should look practically naked. It doesn't make sense. You start off at level 1 in more clothes than that, how do you regress as you level up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priestiality View Post
    What I've gotten from the responses (and OP even) from this thread: "Guys who play girl toons are gay. I'm not secure enough in my sexuality so I feel threatened by anything I perceive as abnormal. Also, I'm young enough that I feel hitting on someone on the internet is awesome and encouraged. Of course, when I found out that hawt female Draenei is actually a man I'll call him a faggot and tell the other trolls in trade chat that 'LOL (x) PLAYS A FEMALE TOON BUT IS REALLY A GUY LOL WAT A FAG!!"

    I play male and female toons, I'm a successful straight male. Why do I play female toons? Because it's my fucking $15/month and I'll do with it whatever the fuck I feel like. Grow up, homophobes.
    I'm gay. Playing male characters.
    A friend of mine plays male and female characters, beeing female herself.

    It's silly to try to analyze the choices that people make in video games. Especially in this case where most of the male models (especially alliance) look so terrible.

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    Perhaps your friend just wants to look oh so pretty..

    Really though, its an RPG. I tend to think of my characters as, well, characters. I'm not a serious roleplayer or anything like that but it amuses me greatly that my warlock alt is a female troll, I can run around pretending to be a crazy ol' witch putting spells on people and setting things on fire, its amusing. DIE IN FIRE, PRETTIES!

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    I'm a 20 year old straight male and all my characters are female. It's a personal preference, nothing to do with your gender in real life. You are just over reacting

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    To OP

    Wow, you sound just like my friend, still picking on me since the day he found out I play a Female Human Mage / Female Pandaren Shaman.
    I have several toons, including a male warrior and dk and, to be honest, I don't even know why the hell you people care about such little things.
    I'd never play a male caster, men on dresses, no thank you. I prefer the female animations and aesthetics. I even went to the PTR and played every race/gender combo possible before rolling those two toons and nothing beats the ones I chose. It's all a matter of opinion, if you prefer to play some hunched over male creature with pathetic animations, that's your choice.
    I mean, this friend of mine plays a cow and picks on me for playing a female, yeah right. It's mine 25euros/2months and I do what the hell I want with them.
    How about you stop being an ass, let your friend play what he wants and play with him, which is what you wanted in the first place?

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    Back when I played (which really wasn't so long ago) being a male playing as a female character I can tell you of multiple times where males tried flirting with me. It happened much more in vanilla, and that was honestly one of the reasons I rolled a female character to start. Back then, when gold was hard to come by, I had many guys think that I was a girl and who gave 'the cute priest' free stuff. (I liked free stuff lol). From free ports, to pots, to gold, to even willing to help me on group quests.. It was all pretty awesome. As the expacs went on it happened less and less however the last time it happened was probably endish of cata (when I pretty much stopped playing) where I was standing in SW and a random guy came up to me and whispered something along the lines of "you are a very beautiful female priest, want to chat?" -- I just ignored and blocked him.

    So really, in a nutshell, I can say from my own personal experience that it does indeed happen, though nowhere near as often or frequently as it did back in vanilla/bc.

    EDIT: Other reasons I chose a female character included the casting animation, how the armor looked, and because back when wow started my young, immature 15 year old mind also though 'omg male priest is gay'.
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    I play female characters as 90% of them have better animations and generally better looking in gear than their male counterparts.
    If only there was a hide male draenei option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    I convinced a friend of mine to finally try WoW and he got a trial account.

    I told him to pick Horde so we can play together.

    And what does he go and pick??

    Female Blood Elf.

    I asked him why he would pick that...and he said its because he wants to play the game and NOT have to "stare at some dudes ass" the whole time.

    I'm perplexed. He was trying to be macho with his statement and yet how ironic is it that as a female toon he is likely to get hit on and flirted with by other males.....but maybe I am wrong?

    A girl I play with said he is not going to get hit on by guys just because he's a female toon, and that I was being ridiculous.

    What do you all think?

    You are ridiculous. Who the hell cares what he plays?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxJr View Post
    if you have the choice to be a man or a woman and you choose a woman then theres something wrong with you, so if you are a dude what is the reasoning behind you wanting to be represented by a chick in a game? are you gay, do you want to be treated better or idk you tell me whats the reason?
    Don't be so judgmental. It'll make things easier on you when you finally decide to stop being so repressed and come out of the closet.
    Look! Words!

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    BE females are more manly than the males.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcanimus View Post
    Its this mentality I don't understand. Playing a female character in no way makes me any less of a man, nor does playing a male character make my penis any larger. If you're secure in your sexuality, you shouldn't really care what your "avatar" in a game looks like.
    That same insecurity can be applied to Males that would rather look at a female's ass if you ask me.

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    I have toons of all different races/sexes/classes. I choose the sex of the character based on the class/race/overall appearance. More often than not, I will make my plate wearers a male of one of the larger races (Tauren/Orc) because I personally think that type of armor looks good and is fitting on a large broad shouldered character. On the other hand, if I want a rogue, I picture them being more agile and light footed so I may pick a female character. Most of the time it is just how the gear looks when I see other players. I generally like plate to be male and leather/cloth to be females because I think the gear looks better on certain races/sexes/classes.

    There are exceptions to this as one of my mains is a Troll Rogue. I think the female trolls are hideous so it is a male. Just depends on what I feel like at the time. I don't see anything wrong with making a female character. It is a game. Not a representation of me or you in real life. Female models often look better and have better fitting armor than male models in my personal opinion.

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    I remember reading 50% of female toons are played by males, and I wouldn't be surpirised if it was much more. To me, everyone's male until stated otherwise (despite being female myself and having played in 10 man raid groups with 2-7 women, 4-5 being most common). I have only one male toon, yet in almost 6 years of playing, I've been hit on maybe two or three times, usually by 12-14 year old boys.

    People have several reasons for picking the gender, and mostly people can be divided to three groups: 1) Those who choose a character to represent themselves 2) those who choose what they find most aesthetically pleasing 3) mixture of those. Analyzing people based on what group they belong to is frankly a huge waste of time.

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    First of all. I dont RP at all.

    I dont take so much consideration in to the gender. My main during my WoW time was a female night elf druid. My melee chars tends to be male while my casters rather often is female, especially healers. I never assume peoples gender based on their characters gender. When it comes to pixels is no more different than hair color or skin pigment. It shouldnt matter what gender, skin color, hair length your character have. Just how you play it.

    IF a would play on a RP server, I might put some more thoughts into my character, as that is what you suppose to do, and you should be able to relate to that char, and then it would be difficult for me to play a female character, but if someone choose to play their opposite gender, it is totally up to them.
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