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    The end of time.. The Calender that expired.

    So! I've decided to make a roleplay based upon the sort of doomsday theory that has been put into the mayan calendar. So far, I've yet to completely finish it. However, I decided that I wanted to check how many roleplayers are still left, and interested, before I put too much effort into it.

    So, is anyone still around for some roleplay?
    --- I can have it ready at about the 12th of December, mhh.

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    I might be interested. There aren't many details about the RP right now, of course, so I'm a little divided. But I'm sure my curiosity will win out. But I'm here, and I'll be happy to give it a shot when it comes out.
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    Over here...no wait...
    Sign me up, always looking for more rps

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    I may join, but first i would love to see more information about these RP

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    More information will come. I am not insanely far with the plotlines and stuff yet. I just wanted to see if people are still alive. The roleplay will need about 5-6 participants in total though.

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    Id be down. Ive always liked that sort of theme. My tabletop group did an End of the World Mutants and Masterminds for awhile. Tons of fun.
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    Count me in.

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    In that case, I'll let you have a minor-minor-minor sneak-peak of what I am working on. I hope you enjoy : )))

    The warnings had shown themselves little less than a week ago. Invading the minds of dreamers, instilling a silent notion of an end drawing near. Everything that has a beginning, must ultimately find its own end. Prophecies speaks of the end of many and salvation for the few. To live is to abide the rules. To find salvation is to find yourself among the ruins of hope. To abandon solitude, when solitude seems to be the answer...

    Our creators are testing you. They've brought upon you the plagues of your own mortality, of your own imperfection. They're correcting the curse, from the gods of old. Spreading across land and water, everything has turned to chaos. Around you, the strong and healthy fare weak. The strongest iron minds of our generation are rapidly breaking down, leaving nothing but scrambles and delusions. The suffering has begun, the begining of the end has begun.. you've seen nothing of what is about to come.

    ...In your dreams, the visions are still calling out to the pure. You must begin their trials, before the taint takes hold. Find that which has been hidden. Seek under the sand, where nature has taken hold. Enter, to find salvation. Enter, to endure the wrath of your creators.
    You must abide... by the rules... Prove to them. Prove.

    *In short, you'll be meeting up with others in a world currently hit by plagues, unleashed by the titans. What happens from there, will be in your hands. I will write out the entire prophecy for when the RP starts. Stay tuned! <3
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