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    I'm not sure how it works in 2012, but back in 2007 I was hit on a lot because I played a Blood Elf female paladin and people assumed I was a girl, which I'm not.
    Anyway, picked female for similar reason as your friend's: well, actually, my problem wasn't that I minded looking at some guy's ass, but I would rather look at a female butt. Also, male Blood Elves look really retarded. Not much of a choice then.
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    I play both male and female toons, and I -generally- assume someone I meet is male unless they state otherwise. Even then, I don't treat them differently with either gender.

    I'm more concerned that your friend chose a -Blood elf-. D:

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    I don't care if you want to play a female toon if you're a male, but some of the reasons why people do perplex me.

    One of the biggest reasons that confuses me is the whole "not wanting to stare at a mans ass."

    Why are you staring at your characters ass in the first place? Why are you even looking at your character in a sexual way?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bovan View Post
    Lots of humans play non-human toons for that exact same reason. I think you are being a little over dramatic.

    My own personal opinion is that humans who play non-human toons for whatever reason are weird. It just doesn't feel right, and I don't understand why anyone would possibly do this. But hey that's just my opinion. I'm predicting some angry comments from humans with non-human characters because I expressed my opinion on an internet forum.
    When the stats are the same, pick the one you like to look at the most. That's all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maoli View Post
    I always felt that the female models work a little better for some races/classes. Completely ignoring the sex and just looking at the movement it just feels right.
    Agree, all the melee chars i play are male, and my priest and shaman female

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    I play(ed) female characters because I can, I prefer how they look, I'm a 6'3 tank IRL and it's nice to be dainty and small even in a video-game :P

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    It's like very month this is a thing.
    "If you want to control people, if you want to feed them a pack of lies and dominate them, keep them ignorant. For me, literacy means freedom." - LaVar Burton.

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    in roughly 30-40 days played each i've never been "hit on" when on my belf priest and pally and again never been hit on in however long i've played on my panda female monk since mists launch. basically op your been a little silly and nieve to think majority of female characters you see in game are actually been played by females.

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    lol me it depends on the race, some male characters are putrid (night elf) some female characters are (dwarf, tauren, orc) so I play both gender depending on alts but my main was a female blood elf priest for the longuest time.

    what you don't realise is, only people that feel treatened by their own sexual orientation would feel in danger by playing a female character. this is specially true for mens.

    however I had a bunch of female friends with MALE toon and I believe their reason goes more along the lines of: I don't want people to think i'm feeble or weak so I hide behind a male toon and also avoid being flirted with.

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    I play both male and female characters. I usually go with what looks the silliest. Playing a male/female toon doesn't make you more or less manly.

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    I'm a woman and my main is a male Blood Elf, and he was formerly a male Troll. I just prefer the aesthetics of males on those two races, model-wise. I have a female Goblin, too. It often just boils down to the player's preference. Assuming somebody's sexuality by using the gender or race of their in-game character is stupid.

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    I like female blood elves. My pally is one
    Wow <3 Korra<3 Giants<3

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    Can't do it, made a female undead warlock at one point because I liked their animations more. Got to about lvl 25 and deleted her, it just felt weird to me.

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    The only game where i have ever played a male character was the secret world since the avatar was supposed to be me.
    Otherwise the female ass argument fits perfectly !

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    I just play what ever looks better for the race, so the likes of Pandaren the only option is female as the males just look horrid and stretch most of the armour, but then got the likes or orcs, tauren and goblins the males look better. it's all just about how they look, you don't want to be sitting looking at the back of something that looks horrid to you while you play.

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    the female animations look better than the male ones.

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    When I make a toon I take into account animations and what end game gear looks like which has me at 4 female toons and 7 males.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackthorne View Post
    I'm perplexed. He was trying to be macho with his statement and yet how ironic is it that as a female toon he is likely to get hit on and flirted with by other males.....but maybe I am wrong?

    A girl I play with said he is not going to get hit on by guys just because he's a female toon, and that I was being ridiculous.
    Person calls males who play female blood elves "creepy"

    Said person then goes to hit on the "female" blood elf.

    Pot calling kettle black?

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    Well for me, only aceptable moves as a male comes from undead, so most my chars are males ud's but got as well be female pally cus tauren looks funny as a pally for me and be male to gay for me, nothing to do with asses or bein male irl, i just need to like the way my toon attacks, moves,runs etc

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    There are a lot of low-IQ people out there who assume that if someone plays a character of another gender its for perverted/deviant reasons. They never consider personal/stylistic differences.

    I'm a guy, and half my toons are female. I made my belf pally female cause I didn't really like how male belfs looked, my warlock is a belf female cause I prefer how cloth looks on female toons rather than male and my monk is a female pandaren cause IMO the males were too bulky for the character I imagined.

    In WoW you are playing a character, not necessarily yourself. Your toon doesn't have to approximate your real-life self.

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