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    Which 5.1 PvP Healer (non-Druid pref)

    Hi Guys,

    Tempted to level a new toon for PvP healing (focus RBG>3v3>2v2).

    I need a healer that's fun to play, can escape from other players instead of having to sit there and heal through damage and eventually die. Also need a char that can assist dps when needed for phases of burst in arena.

    Currently contemplating Shaman (but I have no idea how to evaluate the totem/stun nerf, community quite vocal but does not mean much tbh) and Paladin (I like the big heals and survavibility but mobility looks meh and clunky mechanics waiting for HoPo). Not really interrested in Monk and Druid even if very strong is not super appealing to me for some reason (Don't like the gameplay of having to roll HOTs all the time and feels like burst healing is low - I'm okay to be proven wrong though if you feel like Druid is exactly the char I want to play )


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    I just dinged my shammy and after spamming through bgs to get all the honor gear, it now feels horrid without the ability to use your totems when getting zerged. You can pump some hard heals but good luck getting time to get them off with all the blanket silences. You spend half the time juking silences and kicks. Resto Druids seem great with their cc and heals, as do pallys although I don't like the holy power thing either. Also g'luck doing rbgs with no CR. pick something you enjoy the style of and hope that 5.2 is nice to that class is as about as accurate as I could go. Personally I'd go Druid just for their awesome cc.

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    I've rolled every healer in the book and tried all specs. My mains atm are my druid and shaman. My disc priest I feel is pretty lacking atm with heals/sheilds, there handy but i've been having a lot more fun on my druid/sham. Pally / monks are awesome healers, but i dont like holy power / chi.

    Druids are really enjoyable, if i have full hots on my team and i get stunned its no big deal, i dont have to waste my trinket, with the new glyphs as well for lifebloom/blooming we've never been so goood. Displacer beast is awesome for getting away and setting up even more cc. Overall you can turn the tide in an rbg and do well in 2/3's.

    Shamans are great, always have been. Excelled threw cata with hpallys. Lately though we've seen a massive change to totems, some good some bad. ppl would agrue mostly bad. I didnt mind the changes until they made totems spells. There was something wonderful about being silenced and able to throw a spiritlink down to save the day, and also pre 5.1 healing tide totem. Still a very strong healer that can manage dps shifts in 2/3's and be equally as effective in rbgs.

    My advice would be level whatever you were interested in to level 30. Watch some glad streams and try to get a feel if you would be able to enjoy that class. I never really liked my druid until i started taking him more serious and now its hard to go back

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    So rsham is still arena viable even if not that-OP anymore? If you read the dedicated forums, the class is worthless now. I have an inclination to play Rsham but would hate wasting time to level one and realize it's not good for anything or that other healers are twice more efficient with two times less effort. Thanks

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