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    Connection issue?

    Ok so i'll start off by stating that I currently have 25/5 speed from Verizon (fios). My computer generally sits at about 100 ping roughly.

    The way my apartment is set up, its difficult to use a direct connection, so all of my stuff is connected wirelessly.

    The problem lies in here, on my Xbox.

    During gameplay, I ALWAYS run 3 bars and there is a noticeable lag where as all my friends living within...roughly 5 miles of me have much better connections.

    Also, randomly, my xbox will lose connection entirely and wont be able to reconnect. Everything else remains connected.
    The xbox gives an error message stating that it cannot find or connect to the IP?

    My question is, is there a way to fix this (even buying a new router), ive already stated that i cannot use a direct connection.

    My apartment is roughly 600sq ft.

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    Moving to computer forum, they should be more helpful.

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    Could be interference. Do you know anyone who uses powerline adapters? Could borrow some just to see if it's an improvement on standard wireless, would have to check to see how the quality stands up with wiring and distance before you decided to buy any though.

    Not really a fix to your problem but a suggestion if you can't fix it .
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    As with wireless technologies, it sounds like you are running into interference issues(no matter how many people race in here to say "well I'm not having problems").

    From your description, everything remains connected and it's only the Xbox which loses it's connection. Where is your Xbox? I don't believe you specified if it's sitting in the same room as everything else.

    One thing you need to keep in mind is that nothing is "random". There is a strict reason for everything. It could that someone picked up their cordless phone. It could be that someone turned on their microwave(which yes, can disrupt wireless). Why only the Xbox drops connection? Maybe it has to do with things like transmit/receive power that's different on the Xbox.

    How is your wireless setup configured? One little tip that might work wonders for you, is to go into the settings and check which channel the router is set on. Most people don't change it past the default(which I believe is channel 6). This would result in a very busy and noisy channel 6(since everyone is using that). Change it to channel 9.

    Let us know if that makes a difference.

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    |x |
    | | <<< bed room
    | |<<< Kitchen
    | |------
    | |<<< Living room

    The x is where the router is, the 360 is against the far right wall in the living room

    I tried logging into my router...but somehow my information to log in is incorrect, i must've written it down incorrectly. I'll try to get verizon to reset it somehow, then try that.

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