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    Red face What each class specialization feels like in GW2

    Remember this image?

    I made this:

    Just for the lols. Don't get mad at me!

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    That actually reminds me of the monster hunter weapon pic from 4chan, katana users being edgy shadow the hedgehog

    TBh for zerker i'd put john cena or hulk hogan, they tend to work quite well as a more dmg output phalanx strength stacking kinda guy, as revenant i'd put a "2edgy" character, maybe tempest a soap bubble cuz most of them tend to run water and pop bubble...FUCKING BUBBLES!
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    Cod has a new campaign, new weapons, new multiplayer levels every year. Zelda has been recycling the same weapons, villains, and dungeons since the 80's. Zelda recycles enough to make cod blush. The same weapons, villains, dungeons, and princess in every single Zelda for the most part. It's almost as cheesy as bowser vs Mario round 35

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    Lol at Berserker and Dragonhunter.

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    Druid, so true! Pretty much how I've been trated in groups. I just want to poke beam of lights out of my stick damnit, not heal!

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    I don'T understand the Dragonhunter one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neclord View Post
    I don'T understand the Dragonhunter one.
    I'm with you on that one, but it is still kinda funny.

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