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    Ghost Recon Online - Free Online FPS

    Just discovered this pretty great game with some good production value, anyone who has played Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon before will be familiar with the game....its similar to stuff like CoD or BF but not as "trigger happy", it takes a little more coordination although most of the online players suck so it ends up being a fragfest anyways. I highly recommend it to any FPS fans out there, the game is totally free and graphics and gameplay are very good.....has 3 main "classes" with assault (machinegun/shotty), recon (sniper), and tactician (SMGs, explosives)......got little powerups and special abilities for each class like recon can mark enemies on the map from far away or go stealth, assault gets a riot shield that lets him run faster and bash people, tactician can put down turrets or mines, ect.

    Check it out: http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/ghost-rec...ne/en-US/home/

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    How much of this game is Pay 2 Win?

    I'm only assuming this based of it being F2P.

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    Yeap the only problem with any tactical mmoshooter (call it cod, bf, gro, rainbow six etc) that 99.999% of players give a rat ass about tactics and don't even use covers and stuff. Just run'n'gun. So what's the point playing?

    Btw game is nice by it-self.

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