Good afternoon MMO Champion excel pro's

My first post, big users of the site but never posted on the forums or tried to make an account.

I'm in need of some help with this excel template, Its a template that will track your invoices and I will like to use it for my work but I'm having a problem with this one cell. If any one has some time to have a look at it and let me know how to fix it I will love you long time! I also thank you for your time for helping me!

You can download the template from http : //|

(sorry I can not post any links as I'm new)
The name of the template is Sales invoice tracker


If click on the "click here to select an invoice # from the drop down list and you select invoice number 3-456-2 You will see that line 14 B is saying 11, Well some how the reading 11 from tab Invoice Details line 14 D. I have tried fixing this for hours and I just can not get it to work! I have no problem punting in my data in but I get the same problem what ever I out in to "Invoice Details" in line14D it will show up on the front page in the wrong cell

Ones again I thank you very much for helping me out! Also if some one has a batter invoice tracking excel sheet let me know :P

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Some one please help ^_^