Hi all, unfortunately the guild that I have been a part of for several years has finally lost enough members so that raiding is no longer a possibility and because of that I am now looking for a new guild to raid with. I have been playing since vanilla and have played every character except for warlock and DK over the years. My most played character is paladin, which I have healed on, played MT as prot doing HM progression and more recently have been playing as ret, up until my current guild fell apart. I am also unfortunately unable to raid more than two nights a week now, which puts a limit on what guilds I can join, though I am still interested in raiding hardmodes as I don't think I can go back to the easy stuff.

Current 90s: I can't post links, but here are the names of my characters on Proudmoore.
Lerid, Paladin: (I have had very very bad luck with heroic loot and weapons).
Mercas, Shaman: (Was my main for several years pre wrath).
Notrandom, Hunter: (Liking hunters in this expac quite a bit, even though people seem to think they are underpowered).

I also have an 85 Warrior and Mage that I have not pushed to 90 yet, but will soon.

I have raided extensively since vanilla in various guilds, ranging from relatively casual up to 5 nights a week hardcore guilds. Currently I am hoping to find a guild that is raiding two nights a week, but is still pushing hardmodes, I know that's a hard call. Below I have listed my previous raiding experience extensively if anyone is interested.

My raid experience is:
Vanilla - (On Bleeding Hollow in guilds LAG and Infusion): All of MC, BWL, AQ40 up to Twin Emps and Naxx clearing the Military Wing (Cant remember if we did more, was a long time ago).
BC - (On Barthilas with various guilds, many were remade due to the changes to raid numbers): All of Kara, SSC, Gruls, Mags, The Eye and BWL, but was unable to progress past the first boss of Sunwell, where the guild fell apart and I took a break from the game.
Wrath - (On Barthilas still, raided primarily with Primal towards the end of the expac): All of Naxx, Ony, EoE and Obsidian Sanctum, small parts of Ulduar, all of ToC towards the end of that patch (with insanity in 10 man if anyone cares) and was working on Heroic LK when the guild fell apart towards the end of the expansion (a common problem with LK I think!).
Cata - (Towards the end of Wrath I moved with several friends to Proudmoore, where I have been in the guild Lunacy for several years): With Lunacy, we had a good run, being one of the top 3 guilds on the server till towards the end of T11 where several of our raiders had to leave due to conflicting timezones, finishing the patch with 11/13HMs, in Firelands we were working on heroic rags when I had to take a break from WoW, though the guild went on to clear the deathwing patch eventually.
Current tier - 5/6H MV, 2/6H HoF. Due to failing attendance we were unable to finish this tier, hence this post.

I can also provide links to my most recent WoL parses if required.