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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazmodius View Post
    So we accepts as players that such an item exist? I think their developpers got hit hard on the head and need to be hit in the nuts to wake em up.
    never played a rogue but i think you have some tools to help you.
    1. vanish (cool ability, makes you disappear, can optionally push sprint and run far far away.)
    2. Evasion
    3. Dismantle.
    4. Cloak of shadows.
    5. Kidney shot.
    6. Shiv.
    7. Disarm

    If you do this when you see the warrior turn all big and red(cooldowns) you can either:
    1. Run away.
    2. Remove enrage and vengance.
    3. Stun out the cooldowns.
    4. rng avoid alot of the attacks and follow up with a disarm.

    So instead of trying to duel 2vs1 with no gear, no skills and blaming a class/talent for hitting mediocre, you should, learn to play.......

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    Born in Sweden, but im going to move away <3
    I got crit 140k shockwave crit on my ret pally with pvp gear i have plate please explain that.

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