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    [H] <Relics> Khaz'goroth Recruiting 10man

    [H] Relics Recruiting (6/6 | 4/6 | 1/4) 10man LFM
    relics. needs-more.cc

    Relics is a newly formed 10man raiding guild, Relics is a splinter guild of Conviction(25man) in which we run along side with on good terms. The guild was formed due to a preference of both 10man raiding and a reduced weekly raiding schedule, the people who formed Relics were EX raiders of Conviction, not current.

    You will also find joining Relics that most Non-Raid time activities are done with Conviction which is a good thing to provide a healthy number of friendly people to do activities with outside of raiding.

    It is important to note that our progression does not properly reflect the ability we have and we are looking for. we have done the progression we have with borrowing friends alts and 9 manning the content. Relics is a serious guild that aims to clear Hardmode content with reduced raid hours. at the moment we are stuck being we formed at the time of year that the 10-11 members we currently have turns into 9 on raid nights due to RL commitments. we also on just recently formed

    We are not in a rush for this first Tier of Mists of Pandaria and we aim to start properly after the Christmas/newyear break in late january, in the mean time it's just doing what we can with what we have, while we sort out our ranks for the next tier of content (this gives you time to fit in)

    Mists of Pandaria Progression:

    - 1/4 Terrace of Endless Springs
    - 4/6 Heart of Fear
    - 6/6 Mogu'shan Vaults

    Majority of the members of <Relics> come from larger Hardmode progression guilds that stem back all the way
    to Vanilla, we are a tight nit group of friends looking for some more people to join us!

    We are looking to recruit dedicated players for Mists of Pandaria who:

    1) Not require instructions and calls to be made.
    2) Come prepared to raids on time with necessary flasks, potions and food and an understanding of each boss encounter in the entire tier to be faced.
    3) Post AFK's if unable to attend a raid.
    4) Are not interested in creating or encouraging drama.
    5) Have required mods updated and usable vent with a working microphone for each raid.
    6) Have a deep understanding of their class and what they can bring to each raid.
    7) A focus on guild progression over personal loot.
    8) A geared and working off-spec in which we can use when needed.
    9) Log on before and ready for each raid

    Raid Days and Times:
    (Total of 5 raiding hours in a week)
    Wednesday 9:00pm to 11:30pm
    Monday 9:00pm to 11:30pm

    - Increasing the times and days in which we raid will be very unlikely.

    Classes we are actively recruiting for MOP:

    - Monk (Healer/dps)(Pref dps Mainspec) knowledge and gear in both specs.
    - Deathknight (Mainspec DPS/OS tank) knowledge and gear in both specs.
    - Druid (RestoMS/boom OS) knowledge and gear in both specs.
    - Shaman (Enahance MS / Resto OS) knowledge and gear in both specs.
    - Rogue

    Unfortunatly if you are not one of the specs/class combinations above you will find it VERY hard to get into our ranks.

    If you have any questions about Relics, our recruitment and progression, please contact an member in game for a chat. If you would like any other information, please do not hesitate to visit us on relics. needs-more.cc

    (Links are broken due to my lack of posts on MMO Champion)
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    wanted to check the raiding time in terms of EST or AEST etc.

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