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    I5-3570k temp concern

    System -
    I5-3570k(Stock speed)
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
    Cooler Master Hyper 212+ EVO(2x 120mm fans in push/pull config)
    8GB G.Skill Ripjaw DDR3 1600
    EVGA 560ti FTW edition
    Samung 830 128GB
    WD 1TB - forgot which model
    PC Power and Cooling 750w(overkill I know)
    Corsair 400r case(2x 120mm fans in front, 1x 120mm exhaust in back)
    Windows 8 - cheap and with Classic Shell it's easier to use.

    Now the problem - CPUID Hardware Monitor is showing higher temps than I think I should be getting. The temps fluctuate a great deal down to low 30s and back up to nearly 40C within seconds. Not sure if this is normal.
    Core 0 - 39C
    Core 1 - 39C
    Core 2 - 33C
    Core 3 - 32c
    Package 39c

    under prime95 the temps jump to upper 60s/low 70s. I tried to overclock slightly to 4ghz and prime95 took the temps into the low 90s.

    I am thinking I may need to reseat the heatsink, but I wanted your opinions. The hyper 212+ can be a pain to install. or Maybe I used too much thermal paste.

    I forgot to mention my ambient room temp is about 78f(25C, if I did the math right)
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    Temperature fluctuations are normal, especially at temps as low as that... Unless they are going 90C+, you're fine.

    That being said, if you weren't able to overclock to 4GHz with that cooler, you may have messed up the thermal paste application. The "pea" or "bee-bee" method has been proven to be the best, just a pea sized dot of TIM on the middle of the CPU then apply the cooler.
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    thanks, looks like tomorrow I get to have a wonderfully annoying Hyper 212+ re-installation.

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    Did the re-installation. Here's a pic. The max temps are under 100% load(stock speed). The idle temps are much better, but the 100% load temps are still high(at least I think).

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    Tried to OC to 4Ghz like before. Now the cpu reaches almost 100c. So, i quickly shutoff the test and reverted back to stock.
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