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    [H] <One for the Road> US Arthas 2/6H 15/16N LF DPS Warrior

    A quick rundown: We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Arthas. We have been formed for about a year on Arthas, and have been raiding as a group since the beginning of Dragon Soul, some since the start of Cataclysm.

    Our goals have changed back and forth, we started out as a casual 10 man, swapped to a 25man, divided back into two 10 man groups, and started to look strictly at progression. We have a dedicated group of players with their eyes on one thing, heroic raiding.

    We have only been a 10 man for 2 weeks, in this time, we have cleared all of MSV on normal, HoF, and Terrace excluding Sha of Fear, and are progressing in Heroic MSV sunday night. Just because we started late, doesn't mean we can't catch up!

    Our goals are now simple, and precise. We aim to be in the top 10 for realm progression on Arthas, perhaps higher while having a laid back, but serious attitude. No gamer rage, no drama.

    Raid times
    9:20 - 12:30 am EST
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday

    Current Progression
    2/6H 6/6N MSV
    6/6 HoF
    3/4 Terrace

    Raid Openings
    Arms / Fury Warrior

    Our primary source of communication is Mumble, with a PTT key bound required, because no one likes to hear you crunchin' down on cheetos.

    If you aren't able to raid 90% of the time, we don't want you. Unless you NEED to be elsewhere, are deathly sick, or something important comes up, we should expect to see you every single raid night.
    If you can not be there, tell an officer in advance, if you don't, we won't excuse it. We are pretty laid back if you just let someone know.
    We do NOT recruit for the bench, so attendance must be HIGH. If we recruit you, it is for the long-term, unless you prove not to be an asset to our raid team.

    We use group loot to distribute loot, with common sense. All of our players are expected to know their BiS lists, and as a result, loot should be passed to someone that gets the biggest increase. We don't have any loot restrictions, except that we ask you to use common sense.
    We are a close-knit 10 man group, there is no need for fancy loot systems, just use half of your brain.

    Logs and prior raiding experience is preferred, we are aiming for competitive realm progression, especially next tier of raiding, so current gear, a stable WoL report, and gear goes a long way.
    We are willing to consider anyone as long as they are exceptional at their class, can take constructive criticism well, and be appropriately geared for raid content.

    In our 10 man, there are no raid leaders. We accept all alternative strategies to progress on a boss and not one method. We don't need a specified raid leader, we do however have specific assignments, and if we do ask you to do something, we expect it to be done.

    We are very chill, and joke quite a bit, but we know when to get serious. We know when real life happens, and we know what you need to do if you want to be a dedicated raider. If you are interested in a raid position with us, you can apply here with a log report here, or we can talk further in game, either with me, or one of the officers below.

    Contact: ( Will have battle tags added shortly )
    Carbuncle: BadBrute#1994
    Jekerchan: Jekerdud#1618
    Dexrawr: Dexrus#1160
    Holyradiance: Catacomber#1928
    Krucks: Krucks#1319
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    Heroic Stone guards and Feng down! So easy, Garajal below 20%. Progression movin' fast yall, still need a new face around here!

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    Spot opens up on Tuesday, should be progressing on Elegon / Tayak next week on Heroic!

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