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    MMO-Champion IOS/Andriod App

    Sorry if i got your hopes up there, But it is something I would like to see reallllllly bad. I am always on the site, and it would be the coolest if they had a on the go application where we could access the forums. Currently there is no mobile site structure from what I have seen, so navigating on a phone is not ideal. If anyone at Curse/MMO-Champs reads this, is this an Idea that has been thrown around? Thoughts? Would anyone else use it?

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    This thread has been asked frequently and can be found in the Suggestions and Feedback FAQ:
    Q: Can you make a mobile version of the site?
    A: We'd love to get a mobile version of our CSS for easier browsing from mobile devices, but, again, there's no ETA. (Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4,5.)

    For now, you can use any RSS reader to be notified of front page updates.
    RSS link: http://www.mmo-champion.com/external...2&forumids=252
    As the quote suggests, any RSS reader app should suffice; however, it might not render any videos if Flash is not natively supported.

    The only two solutions I've heard of, other than an RSS reader app, is:
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    haha, lesson learned, the search function is a good thing.

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