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    Levelling as Prot (15-90) Glyphs??

    Hi, Just recently rolled my 1st Warrior. Going prot spec with a holy pally friend to insta queue dungeons and pull a large amount of mobs when questing. I need some help with what Glyphs to take for levelling and also what talents for the lower levels. Thanks in advance!
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    I would say, pick up anything that increases your damage. I'm not aware of any major survival glyphs, aside from maybe shield wall and victory rush but those are both really iffy, and it isn't like you need extra survivability when leveling anyway, especially with a competent healer. So, death from above, hold the line, heavy repercussions, and so on.

    Pick stuff that lets you kill stuff faster, that's my suggestion.

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    Heavy repercussions, Hold the line, Death from above, in that order as you unlock them.

    Use the charge + leap macro so you get rage from charge and dmg from leap, get shield block up asap and rofl as you hit the shield slam. Obviously go in full DPS gear with shield + sword and HF. No need for tank gear until much later on.

    Talents for lower levels:

    Tier 1: Probably Juggernaut, a pack shouldn't take much longer than 12 seconds so you'll have charge up for every pull.
    Tier 2: Probably Impending Victory, as you'll be killing so many mobs you'll get plenty of killing blows which allows you to just spam heal yourself and do some nice dmg at the same time. Enraged regen is the one I'd take if dmg intake were really an issue, which it won't be for a long long time (Berserker rage + enraged regen is kinda sweet)
    Tier 3: Disrupting shout, having 3 interrupts is kinda king for dungeons
    Tier 4: Shockwave: the stun is great to position large packs properly, cooldown is short so you get to use it a lot, and it works as another interrupt
    Tier 5: Mass spell reflect: yay extra dmg while reducing dmg intake for the group, the other 2 are not needed in the levelling process imo
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    I levelled a few levels as arms, decided to try prot and never looked back. Way better for levelling imo

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ariselia View Post
    I levelled a few levels as arms, decided to try prot and never looked back. Way better for levelling imo
    Yeah I did the same, full heirloom gear and just roflstomp through everything.

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